Are You Still Absorbing Your Customer’s Credit Card Fees?

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This cold email that can be sent to prospective businesses who may be interested in lowering their credit card processing fees. Many businesses pay these fees instead of passing them onto their customers. This email doesn’t directly refer to charging customers for credit card fees but is hinting at a service which reverses charges customers for using a credit card.

This email should elicit a response from the business.

Are You Still Absorbing Your Customer’s Credit Card Fees?

Good afternoon Mr. / Mrs. Last Name, I wanted to reach out to you today in hopes I can share with you how you could increase your profit margin simply by targeting credit card costs. Our firm specializes in helping businesses just like yours reduce or even eliminate their credit card processing fees.

If you are dissatisfied with your current merchant account or are paying fees on behalf of your card-paying customers, we’d love to help.

Using traditional merchant accounts can mean long waits to get your money, high processing fees on every transaction and seeing the cost going up with sales volume. If these problems sound familiar, I wanted to see if you might be interested in learning more about the service we provide.

With our cash discount program, you can get your funds soon as the next day. We offer one flat monthly rate, no matter how much revenue you generate and there are no hidden costs. In other words, we offer unlimited transactions at no extra cost. We offer a very competitive and affordable solution that can help you slash your transaction fees by as much as 100%.

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Why pay expensive transaction fees when you don’t have to? If you would like to visit with me sometime on the phone, feel free to schedule a call with me, I would love to visit with you.

Are You Still Absorbing Your Customer’s Credit Card Fees?
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