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Backlinks for Boring Businesses – No, It’s Not Impossible

Are you a business owner in industry others might find boring? Are you having a tough time attracting backlinks to your website in an effort to improve your SEO (search engine optimization)? Rather than give up in frustration, it might be time to up your backlink strategy instead. It is possible to attract high-quality backlinks in a boring industry, but you must be strategic in your approach. Integrate the following SEO tips into your backlink-acquisition efforts and you will be amazed at how easy it is to get others to link to your company’s website or blog.

The Media Loves a Good News Story

One fabulous way to attract high-quality backlinks to your boring business’ website is to offer local news providers a news story with a positive community angle. Host a charity event, sponsor a litter clean-up event, or do something awesome for the underprivileged in your community. The key is to do something newsworthy your local community paper will want to cover and to make sure they link to your business’ website in their story. Be creative when choosing a newsworthy community event; you might discover you and your team enjoy being helpful community contributors.

Offer an Interactive Tool

Another awesome way to attract backlinks to your business is to create a free interactive tool on your website. Focus on creating a free interactive tool your target audience will enjoy using and are likely to share with their audience. The more valuable and helpful your tool is, the likelier it is others will link to it in their blog posts or share it on social media. Even something as simple as a tweet on Twitter about your helpful interactive tool can provide an additional backlink to your business’ website.

Infographics are Awesome for Improved SEO

If you want to turbocharge your SEO and attract potential backlinks in the process, start creating super helpful infographics packed with information. Not only do infographics provide an excellent opportunity to educate your target customers, but they also provide a backlink opportunity if you include an embed code with your visual marketing creation. Each time someone embeds your infographic on their website or blog, it creates another backlink for your business.

Building backlinks for boring businesses don’t have to be tough, but you need to be creative in your approach. Integrate the above-listed tips into your backlink-acquisition strategy and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your SEO starts to improve.
Backlinks for Boring Businesses – No, It’s Not Impossible
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