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Business Blogging: How to Grab Your Reader’s Attention

When you create a business blog, it’s important to understand that your blog is not just for gaining new customers.

While reaching your clients and selling products or services is important, so is offering valuable information to your readers. There are a number of ways you can grab your reader’s attention right away. Taking the steps you need to excite and interest your readers will ensure that your customers return to your blog again and again.

Don’t skimp on a layout

One of the most important things you can do is to invest in a strong layout. Never opt for a free or ordinary blog template. Instead, take your time finding a good graphic artist who can design or sell you a professional layout. The template you utilize should be clear and easy to navigate.

Remember that a sloppy or poorly designed template will make reading difficult for your customers. As a result, they may not return to read your blog a second time.

Post regularly

Some new brands make the mistake of thinking they don’t need to regularly update their blog. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially when you’re first getting new readers.

You need to make sure you post several times each week. Posting regularly will help rank your blog in search engines, as well as help you keep new readers coming back for more. If readers know they can expect frequent posts, they’ll be more likely to return to your blog.

Start where the story starts

One mistake many new bloggers make is to create long-winded posts. When you begin writing a blog post, try to remember to start your post where your story starts. This means that instead of giving a lot of backstory on a product, you simply start talking about the product.

Instead of talking about what you did yesterday, talk about what you did today. The more current, exciting and engaging your post is, the more your readers will pay attention.

Use pictures

Consider including a picture with each blog post. This accomplishes a couple of things. First of all, it gives your readers something visual to look at. Yes, they’ll be reading, but a picture is aesthetically pleasing.

Give your readers something to scroll back up to, to think about and to contemplate. Another benefit of using a picture is that your readers will be able to pin your picture on Pinterest. This is one of the best websites you can use to get new readers, so take advantage of it as much as possible.

Share on social media

No matter how often you update your blog, always share your posts on your social media sites. Sometimes even sharing an old blog post on your social networking sites can boost traffic to that post.

Many new readers may not have enjoyed all of your older posts, so you can reshare these to get new customers.

No matter how long you’ve been blogging, it’s never too late to get new readers and clients.

Focusing on creating an engaging, energetic website can work wonders in keeping your readers interested and, more importantly, keeping them coming back for more.

Business Blogging: How to Grab Your Reader’s Attention
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