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Can You Use Pinterest for Marketing?

Social networking has taken the world by storm, and Pinterest has quickly become one of the most common buzzwords in those circles. With its organized boards and attention-grabbing images, Pinterest provides a great way for people to share interests on a personal level.

As a business marketing tool, many may believe that Pinterest is of no use. It includes a strict warning that Pinterest is not to be used for the promotion of products. Does this mean that Pinterest cannot be used for marketing? This depends on what you mean by marketing. If you are looking for a place to list all of your products from your online store, then Pinterest is not appropriate.

Make Sure You Can Be Found

For those who think outside the box, this does not rule out using Pinterest as a marketing tool. Use the website link in your profile to make sure interested people can find your website. There is no reason to continue to insert your link each time you make a pin or a comment. If people are interested in your topics, they will seek out your website.

Establish Yourself As An Expert

One of the best business marketing tools is to establish yourself as an expert for your niche. People are more likely to trust experts and more likely to purchase products from them.

Create a few organized boards around your niche topic. If your niche is electronic gadgets, you might create boards for tutorials, tips, tricks or accessories. The possibilities are endless. Within each of the boards, provide high quality links to useful pages.   These links can be links to your own pages as long as there are other links, as well. Be sure to include links to a variety of sites.

Make Connections

Pinterest provides a way for users to comment on the pins of other users. Let this work to your advantage. Find pins that are related to your niche. Comment on those pins and re-pin them in your own boards. This will help you make connections with people who are already interested in your niche. There is no reason to insert links within your comments. If people are interested and you have established yourself as an expert, they will seek out your website from your profile.

Pinterest:  The New Business Marketing Tool

So, can Pinterest be used as a business marketing tool? The answer is yes. Just be creative. Think of ways to establish yourself in your niche and create great connections, without directly promoting your products. Make yourself known as an expert to be followed.