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Cannabis Career Opportunities are Exploding – 5 Top Careers to Consider

Are you looking for a way to significantly increase your annual income? Are you tired of your current career and wondering about other opportunities you can explore? One option you might not have considered is building a career in the cannabis industry.

The marijuana sector is exploding with activity and opportunities for savvy individuals. As recreational and medicinal marijuana becomes legalized in a growing number of countries and jurisdictions, global cannabis companies are having a hard time keeping up with the demand for their products.

Individuals who make it their mission to train in specific areas of cannabis cultivation and/or promotion can often find themselves in a bidding war for their services. If you think building a cannabis career might be just the opportunity you have been longing for, following are five top careers within the marijuana industry you can consider.

Cannabis Marketing

Just like a traditional business, cannabis companies require marketing assistance. A significant difference between cannabis marketing is that you must be aware of local and national laws pertaining to the promotion of marijuana products. Acquaint yourself with cannabis marketing restrictions and there’s a good chance you can quickly build a career for yourself as an experienced marijuana promotional guru.


Whether you call yourself a cultivation assistant or a plant specialist, there is a multitude of opportunities within the cannabis industry for budtenders. Up-and-coming marijuana startups and dispensaries are desperate for experienced budtenders. Learn the specifics of growing marijuana plants for optimal performance and strain strength and you’ll have your pick of opportunities within the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Bookkeeping

The marijuana industry is flush with cash. Everyone from edibles companies to medicinal marijuana distributors needs assistance in maintaining their company’s books. Marijuana bookkeepers must have a clear understanding of cannabis laws pertaining to the accounting of sales revenues. If you have bookkeeping experience and are willing to immerse yourself in cannabis law restrictions, there’s a good chance you’ll have marijuana companies fighting over your services.

Compliance Director

Just as marketers and bookkeepers must have a clear understanding of cannabis rules and regulations, so too do other staff members within a marijuana business. This is why many cannabis companies hire a compliance director. If you excel at helping others follow rules and regulations, you might be able to carve out a career for yourself as a cannabis compliance director.

Cannabis Business Development

While cannabis companies are sprouting up in numerous jurisdictions as marijuana becomes legalized in a growing number of areas, building those companies into profitable businesses takes hard work.

An increasing number of marijuana companies are hiring cannabis business development experts to help them grow their business ventures into profitable companies. If you have experience in business development and customer acquisition, consider pursuing opportunities as a marijuana business development expert.

These are just five of many cannabis career opportunities. Delve into the exploding marijuana sector and you’ll be amazed at the types of companies that are hiring and the significant salaries they’re offering.

It’s an awesome time to pursue a cannabis career. If you want to increase your income and dive deep into the gold rush mentality of the cannabis sector, now is your time to explore career opportunities within the marijuana industry.

Cannabis Career Opportunities are Exploding – 5 Top Careers to Consider
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