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Choosing Content Over SEO

by Constance Bourg

The primary concern of most website owners is to achieve great rankings in search engine results. A lot of time and energy is being spent on getting web page content to fit with the magical formula that will benefit the site’s SEO (search engine optimization).

All this effort in aid of increasing the conversion rate of the site, however, is having a negative impact on the clarity of the message.

Instead of stuffing content with keywords targeted at search engines, web pages should engage their audience because that is how you build trust in the online world: by repeating consistent messages targeted to the specific needs of your audience. Without trust, there will be no leads and no conversion.

The purpose of the content is to engage the audience and to help them to make a decision.

What you should be aiming at first is to get a point of contact, like a foot in the door. Once the conversation is going, you will need to deliver messages that match what your potential client is looking for.


-Do write one web page at a time. That way you can focus on targeting the message to the specific page.
-Do write all essential information first, and add background information or further explanations later on, where you still have some room left.
-Do make sure the content reads coherently when moving from page to page.


-Don’t be afraid to repeat certain items. Repetition of small items enhances the experience of consistency and clarity for the audience.
-Don’t overload your web pages with too much content. Simplicity is key.
-Don’t keep tinkering with your content. Prioritize your message, write it down clearly, and test your pages to see how they perform.

Simplicity is important.

Too many distractions will keep your potential client from finding the right information. Three elements that every web page of a business website should contain are a description of what your product or service is or does, what the product or services will do for the client, and why the client should care about you or your product or service. SEO is important too, but priority must be given to communicating with your audience.

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Short Summary

When your main focus is your website’s SEO (search engine optimization), you are in danger of losing the clarity of your message to the audience. It is important to see the content from the perspective of potential clients.

If you want to create leads, you will need to earn your audience’s trust, and that can only be done with content that has been written with the audience in mind.