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Content Marketing: 3 Reasons Your Social Media is Only as Good as Your Content

It’s clear that digital marketing is dominated by the quality of your content marketing. It’s also clear that digital and social media marketing has many components, but there’s no real substitute for a regular supply of quality content.

Anyone that has worked in a social media position knows the job is easier when there is a good supply of material to work with. This article looks at some of the challenges in social media when the content just isn’t there. Covered in this piece are three reasons to ensure other aspects of your business are providing what’s necessary for social media. It’s true that when the supply of good content is available, there’s every chance to dominate the social space.

1. A lack of original content makes your social media repetitive and boring

Of course, it’s always possible to post a social media update. Plenty of tools are available to find prominent material that will be suitable for social media. Naturally, this should form part of your digital marketing strategy. However, it’s a problem if it’s all you are ever doing. Simply put, there may be hundreds of other social media pages covering the same material in your sector. What makes you stand out is when you can produce something different.

2. Social media must lead somewhere

One of the principal problems that a lot of brands run into is getting the balance right when linking users back to their website. Some don’t do it enough, and others do it so much that it feels like a sales page. When it comes to social media, conversations and connections are what it’s all about.

However, brands are equally using social media to reach customers and provide them with the opportunity to buy things they want or need. Therefore, the challenge is to do that in such way that it doesn’t feel like a constant sales advert. Your content is the best solution because you are providing information rather than a product. When a brand doesn’t have content to use though things get more challenging.

3. Content makes your social media more engaging and shareable

As referenced in the first point, the critical thing is your social media is engaging, and your fans want to come back to see your latest update. Equally, as suggested throughout this piece, you want your brand to drive conversations. Well written blog content can do that whether your followers agree or disagree with the articles themselves.

The intriguing thing about social media is users share for a variety of distinct reasons. Therefore, you don’t always have to write content your audience will agree with all the time, sometimes the key is to start a debate. As you know, things online can gain momentum quickly and to link back to your content on your social media is such a crucial step.

Social media managers have a significant role to play in today’s online world. However, they must have the tools to do their job. Also, you want to make sure there is enough on your website to interest users once they have arrived via social media. Therefore, it’s vital to have the best quality content to share across social. Remember, a lack of original content makes your social media repetitive and boring, social content must lead somewhere, and good content makes your updates engaging and shareable.