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Content Marketing: Four Rules for Effective Copywriting /Digital Marketing: Four SEO Rules to Follow in Content Marketing

There is a variety of things that go into your content marketing strategy. One of the crucial elements is being effective with your copywriting. This article explores the subject further by looking at some rules you should stick to for success.

1. Understand your audience

When you think about your copywriting strategy, it’s crucial to know who you are talking to. If you haven’t done this research beforehand your efforts may ultimately be wasted. Once you understand your audience you are able to tailor the offering directly to them. The result is a much more personal approach that may be better received by prospective customers/clients.

2. Keep things simple and don’t include too much detail

When designing an ad or marketing piece, it’s extremely tempting to include a lot of information in the hopes of attracting interest. However, people lead busy lives and simply put don’t have the time absorb a lot of detail. There is also a certain art to summarising a product or service in a simple way that anyone can understand. If you’re able to do this then your product/service may instantly become more memorable than those of your competitors.

3. Make the offer too good to turn down

Once you have understood your audience and ensured you’ve created something simple and to the point, it’s also crucial to make the offer as attractive as possible. This is a great opportunity to offer a special offer on the product or service. Of course, many brands will choose to offer money-back guarantees and that type of thing. The lower the risk for the customer/client, the more inclined they are going to be to give it a try.

4. Include a call for action

Of course, brands love writing creative copywriting but it’s equally crucial to remember the purpose behind it. If you’ve done your job properly, the customer/client will be suitably intrigued. At this point, they will be interested to find out more. The structure will be important here to ensure the relevant information is straightforward.

It’s an innovative idea to provide a benefit to make an early purchase by responding to the ad. For example, you offer a reduced price or gift to encourage sales. Also, making it seem like stocks are reduced, or the product may not be available for long are two good strategies.

Of course, being able to track the success of your promotion is crucial here as well. Therefore, it’s a good idea to include a coupon code that can be used in a store or online. That way, every time it is used, you know that sale has been generated as a direct result of your promotion.

Content marketing comprises a range of different types of content. Copywriting involves creating adverts and marketing material for various mediums. Of course, this is something that the clear majority of brands need to be involved in. However, there’s a certain art to effective copywriting and following a series of rules will likely lead to greater success. Therefore, merely remember to understand your audience, keep things simple, make the offer too good to turn down and include a call to action.

Digital Marketing: Four SEO Rules to Follow in Content Marketing

When it comes to content marketing, it’s crucial to remember the role that SEO has. However, there are also aspects of content that you may not connect to SEO. This article details some of the all-important rules to follow for the best success.

1. Do SEO research before writing content

If you want popular content, it’s essential to create content that’s likely to be popular. Research and planning are both crucial elements in all of this. Before you start writing, do some research into what type of content performs well and what the current trends are from places such as Google and social media sites. After some time, you won’t have to do so much research because you will get a better feel for it.

2. Plan your titles carefully

There are indeed different schools of thought regarding titles and what should and shouldn’t be included. However, what most people agree on is the need to have relevant keywords as well as titles that will engage your audience. Remember that being catchy alone won’t get you very far, so go back to the first point here and do your research to discover what keywords are likely to work for you.

Your aim is to find one or more keywords and then create a title around them that is accurate, informative and engaging. Don’t be tempted to create titles that are misleading because you will quickly lose the trust of your audience. It will also be to your advantage if titles use simple language and are easy to share on social media.

3. Engage in keyword placement rather than keyword stuffing

Of course, keywords are crucial to driving traffic to your content. However, people often make the mistake of thinking that the best thing to do is to cram as many keywords in as possible. Generally speaking, this is not a good idea because it will not improve your SEO visibility and may lead to articles that don’t make much sense, this practice is known as keyword stuffing and isn’t recommended.

Instead, you should engage in keyword placement which involves using keywords in titles and occasionally throughout your content. The critical thing is when you include a keyword it comes across as natural and not included purely for SEO purposes. Overall, you want to produce natural sounding content rather than something that sounds overly promotional.

4. High-quality counts

Sometimes when thinking about SEO, people get caught up in the technical aspects of it. However, a significant portion of your success will not come from those technical aspects but from getting the basics right. Google will rank you highly if you manage to produce consistent content of high quality.

Therefore, you should pay attention to getting your keywords right but not at the expense of the quality of your articles. Writing pieces of the highest quality that engages your audience should be your priority. Of course, this means picking the right topics, proofreading and ensuring the spelling and grammar is as near perfect as it can be.

In the digital age, an awful lot of marketing is done through content. However, good content marketing isn’t purely about your ability to string some coherent sentences together. Another crucial element is being aware of what consumers are searching for online. Therefore, intelligent SEO must be at the center of everything that you write. Simply put, remember to do SEO research before you write anything, plan your titles carefully, engage in keyword placement and ensure the highest levels of quality.