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Content Marketing: SEO Tips When Writing New Articles

Many businesses now realize the importance of top quality content marketing. Of course, being a good writer is a crucial factor for success. However, there’s more that goes into it than merely that. The best writers know the importance of SEO in content marketing and this article will explore that subject as well as providing tips for the best results.

1. Get your titles right

It can’t be stressed enough how important good titles are for your content marketing; this is where experience tells you how to phrase a title to get all-important search traffic from Google. Sometimes the mistake is made in thinking that it’s all about creating a catchy and clever title. However, what you must remember is the need to drive users to your content in the first place.

The key to that is the placement of key search terms right at the start of your title. You also want to keep it concise and remember long titles will be cut short by Google. Choosing the right keyword is all about solid instincts and awareness of what people are searching for and which terms describes your content best.

2. Know the difference between keyword placement and stuffing

Again, this comes down to experience and common sense. When someone without the expertise thinks about keywords, they automatically assume the more times you can include a specific keyword the better. However, that’s certainly not the case, and that process is known as keyword stuffing.

It’s crucial to remember that it must be content first and keyword stuffing makes for an unnatural-sounding article. The essential SEO technique here is keyword placement, which deals with where you place your keyword in your article but without overdoing it. When done correctly, the piece will sound natural, and it won’t be noticeable you’ve included a word for SEO purposes.

3. Consider the lifespan of your content

It’s certainly true you should keep an eye on search trends. Once you spot a pattern, you could consider writing content on it. The advantage of doing that is you may gain some high page views, particularly if you get your content published quickly.

However, the critical thing with content marketing is to create articles that keep getting views sometime after being written initially; this can mean they don’t get as many short-term views, but they can build up over time. Therefore, the best technique is to pay attention to the trends but try and create content that won’t have a short shelf life. If you master it, then it’s a top SEO technique.

Getting content marketing right is critical for so many brands these days; primarily, it’s about having the best people that know what they are doing with all things related to digital content marketing. However, even if you are new to it, hopefully, the tips included in this article will help you get SEO right when creating new content. Just remember to get your titles right, know the difference between keyword placement and stuffing as well as considering the lifespan of your articles.