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Create Personal Interest for Effective Article Marketing

Getting and keeping customers is really a matter of establishing a personal relationship with them. Article marketing, one of the most popular methods for attracting customers and clients on the internet, is not immune to this need. Anything written for marketing purposes must create the impression that a personal bond is forming, thus increasing trust and comfort in doing business.

Quality articles state and solve a problem that the reader is experiencing. Describe the problem specifically for your target audience. Simply saying “Eradicate Mold in the Tub” does not create a personal bond. If the problem you are trying to solve is mold, think of why your reader would want to abolish it. “Improve your health by eradicating mold,” or “Stop embarrassment by ridding your tub of mold.” Both of those topics are more personal. The reader can associate the topic with his or her own life.

The next step is to solve the problem. You do not want to simply explain how to get rid of mold, but explain why it will increase health or eliminate that embarrassment. People respond better to things that affect them personally.

In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the solution to the problem, you might want to include personal anecdotes. “I used XYZ mold remover to get rid of the mold in my tub and my respiratory problems disappeared!” Avoid sales spiels and stick to friendly recommendations that give precise information about why the product or service you are pushing actually works.

Finally, you should reveal the positive, long-term outcome of the solution. Tell the article reader that not only did you get rid of the mold, but that it never came back. It is important for people to understand what the action you want them to take will do for them personally.

When writing articles to hawk a product or service, creating a personal interest is vital to the success of your marketing campaign. Make the reader feel as if the article is written just for them, and that they will benefit from doing what the article says to do, and you will have created a new customer with your article marketing efforts.