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Curating YouTube Videos on Your Website Is a Great Marketing Move

Many businesses see that putting out videos could be beneficial, but believe that they need to have skills in content creation to actually make use of the platform. In truth, however, it’s possible to use YouTube for your business, even if you have no original content to offer. You can do it with curated content.

How does curated content work?

Curated content is everywhere. It is in every article that uses images from Pinterest, and on webpages with embedded YouTube videos. YouTube doesn’t even ask you to give credit. Videos come with the credits. When you embed YouTube videos on your website, you get to drive people to your website even as you fill it with content from other people. All you need to do is to add your own interesting commentary to the page on your site that holds the video.

Videos are a great way to make a point

Research has indicated that visual information is processed tens of thousands of times faster than information obtained by way of text. When you add curated videos to your website or blog, it’s a good way to reach out to your visitors and convey a message. All you need to do is to look for great content on the subject you wish to discuss, made by content creators you admire.

You’ll get recognized as an expert in your field

When you carefully search for the best content out there and curate it on your own website, you become a valuable resource for important information. Your readers won’t bother thinking about your preference for borrowed content. Instead, they will feel delighted at how your website is an easy resource for a great deal of important information. You will become an authority.

Curating content makes life easier

Curating YouTube content well can be work. You need to look for the best videos, and then add your commentary to it. It isn’t as hard as creating your own content, however. When you use curated content, you get to put out a steady stream of stuff. Most small businesses simply don’t have the kind of budget it would take to be regular with original content. Original content is not even always required. Visitors to any business website can get bored with original content all the time. They do need to see a different voice or face.

You expand your network

When you curate and share content from YouTube, you don’t piggyback off the work of others for free. Video creators on YouTube need views and appreciate it when people help them find more viewers. When you promote the videos of others through curation, you may get in touch with those creators. Such contacts can help over the long run.

You expand your email list

When you attract lots of people to your website with your curated videos, you’ll find that many of these people are willing to share their email IDs with you in order to be able to get a heads-up when you post videos. Growing your email list is an added benefit to curating videos.

Finally, there is a benefit to you that comes from searching for and posting the best new videos: you stay informed. The more you search and learn, the more in touch with your industry you will become.

If you’re ready to get started, you can use the many content curation software tools available. They help you search for the most shared content out there, and share it yourself.

Curating Youtube Videos on Your Website is a Great Marketing Move
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