Monday, March 25, 2019
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Customers Do the Marketing for You With Pinterest

Face it. The biggest challenge to a business is marketing. Companies that excel in marketing make it big, but one of the main reasons for business failure is inefficient marketing. The problem is that marketing requires a lot of time and effort. Businesses are constantly searching for new and improved business marketing tools that make the task easier and less expensive.

Although many businesses have discovered the importance of social media as a marketing tool, a new type of social media has begun to emerge from the crowd. Pinterest allows users to share favorite websites with others by pinning them on organized boards. It works much like Twitter in that users develop a following of other people who are interested in the same topics. One major difference with Pinterest is that you can create boards and allow others to contribute to your boards.

Let Your Followers Do Your Marketing For You

  • User Created Boards: The success of social media networks prove that people love to share what they are doing and what they have found. Create boards within your niche and allow your followers to pin pages to those boards. If your niche is related to food or diet, ask your followers to pin recipes. If your niche is related to mobile devices, ask your followers to pin download pages for great apps. The list could go on forever. The key is to provide a link to your own website within your profile. As people begin to view you as an expert, they will seek out your website.
  • Testimonial Boards: Create a testimonial board and ask your followers to pin images that show how your product has helped them. You could also create a contest as an incentive to pin.
  • Re-pin Board: Create a board where you simply re-pin great pins from your customers. Those pins might or might not be related to your product. Either way, it demonstrates to your customers that you actually care about them.

Get creative with Pinterest and discover how you can actually use your customers as a business marketing tool. It saves times and money for you, and it can help to develop a more loyal and interactive customer base.