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Customized Jewelry Is Perfect for the Woman in Your Life

Customizing a piece of jewelry is a perfect way to enhance a classic gift for the woman in your life. Learn how and why to customize jewelry. From charms to quotes to zodiac signs, the ideas for customization are endless.

Customized Jewelry Is Perfect for the Woman in Your Life

Jewelry is a classic gift to give a woman. But more important than the price of the jewelry is the thought put into it, which can best be explained in a single word–customization. Customized jewelry is perfect for any woman in your life, whether it’s for your mom, girlfriend, wife, or niece.

Why customized jewelry
Customized jewelry is perfect for women because it makes the piece unique and can also reflect something unique about that woman. If everyone has the same piece of jewelry, it becomes devalued. The concept is the same as that for two women wearing the same outfit. It doesn’t go over well! Women generally want unique pieces, whether it’s clothing or jewelry.

Customized jewelry can also serve the purpose of memory-making. Birth dates, names of loved ones, and special sayings can all be preserved in a piece of jewelry. Even special colors, stones, or crystals with meaning count as customized jewelry.

She will feel special when she wears a customized piece of jewelry because she will recognize the thought that went into it, and it’s a nice way for her to subtly express her identity.

How to customize jewelry
You have to gather a bit of information in order to customize the perfect piece of jewelry for a woman. Sleuth out her birthday, zodiac sign, favorite inspirational quote, favorite color, favorite animal, birthstone, languages, etc. In short, how would she describe herself or what would she identify with?

You can pick one of these bits of information or combine a few. A romantic customization idea is a necklace with your birthstone and hers together. Thoughtful customization maybe a bracelet with her favorite quote engraved. You could even translate the quote into another language, perhaps a place she wants to travel to.

But customizing a piece of jewelry can be as simple as choosing a charm she likes. Her favorite animal or charm that identifies her favorite activity, such as a quill and bottle of ink if she likes to write, is a simple way to make the present special.

Jewelry considerations
Any time you are gifting woman jewelry, you should observe the type of jewelry she already wears. This can help you determine whether she prefers large statement pieces or small, delicate pieces. It can also tell you whether she prefers silver or gold–a major consideration.

Not all women have pierced ears. You should check this before buying her earrings. And some women don’t like any earring styles other than studs. Peak into her current jewelry collection if you can to gather more knowledge.

When it comes to rings, there is actually a size. Of course, it’s possible to get a ring re-sized after you buy it, but most women will prefer that you get it right the first time. A size 6 ring is average, but a very petite woman may be a size 4 and a larger woman may be a size 8.

If you decide to customize with a stone, such as with a birthstone, make sure she likes the color of the stone first. Does she wear that color? If her birthstone is yellow, but you have never seen her wear yellow clothing or jewelry, you might want to consider a different customization option.

There are hundreds of ways to customize a piece of jewelry for the woman in your life. Put in a little effort and forethought, and it will go a long way in making her happy!

Customized Jewelry Is Perfect for the Woman in Your Life
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