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Develop a Winning E-Commerce Marketing Strategy Using Social Media

If you’re running an e-commerce business, your customers are probably already using social media. If they’re buying products or services online, chances are good that they’re using the internet for connecting with friends, family, and companies on social media networks too. If you’re not exploring which social media networks your customers are spending time on and including these sites in your e-commerce marketing strategy, you’re missing out. Building relationships with customers through online communities is one of the strongest marketing strategies that you can employ. You can use the following tips to assist you in aligning your social strategy with your e-commerce objectives.

Start Selling Through Social Media Networks

Most e-commerce websites are beginning to use social media sites to streamline the purchase process for consumers. Merchants have harnessed the maximum potential of social selling by allowing consumers to browse and purchase products while using Facebook. Of course, not all social media sites offer this option. However, including purchase links in online postings and status updates is a viable method for achieving the same end result. Make purchasing products or services through social networks as easy as possible for consumers.

Engage Consumers; Don’t Just Push Promotions and Products

Your primary objective is to sell products. However, if you’re pushing products without engaging consumers, you’re not likely to experience much sales success. There are several methods that you can use to increase engagement on your social media pages. You can ask questions and share links to external news sources. You can also create a company blog that is configured to feed blog content directly to social media networks. Additionally, you can post pictures or videos from company events or speaking engagements.

Use Social Media to Promote Exclusive Offers

If you’re using social media as a marketing strategy, you should be focused on gaining followers. The only way to achieve a large following is to offer consumers something that they cannot get anywhere else. You can utilize your social media pages to promote contests and to make special offers. Some companies release free shipping coupons via their social media sites. Additionally, pre-production releases and inside views of your business’s inner workings can also offer consumers value that is not available elsewhere.

Gather Marketing Intelligence

If your business is new to social media or you need to take your marketing efforts up a notch, marketing intelligence can be extremely useful. You should spend a portion of your time on social media to assess your competitor’s social media sites. It’s helpful to discover which sites your competitors are active on and the type of content that they publish. You’ll also want to take note of how many fans and followers they have and how they promote events, products, and programs via social media networks. Also, it is helpful to preview what other industries are doing on social media networks. You might glean some effective marketing ideas using this tactic.

Make Sure You’re Going Where Customers Are Going

There are a variety of social media networks available. The biggest secret to being successful is to make sure that you’re using the same networks that your customers are using. You may not already know which they are using, but there are ways to find out. There are also free tools to help you track consumer activity, such as Trackur and Social Mention. Facebook is pretty transparent about statistics, and it’s one of the most popular social networks. This makes Facebook an excellent starting place for interacting with consumers on social media networks.

Develop a Winning E-Commerce Marketing Strategy Using Social Media