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Developing Your Personal Power

Everyone feels the need to be able to express themselves, use their strengths to improve themselves and others and to experience their best journey through life. But how is this done?

Psychologist Dr. Sherrie Campbell, in an article for the Huffington Post, said the first thing people must do to be the best they can be is to surround themselves with healthy people. When you’re during people who are frustrated, it makes sense that your life will become frustrating as well. Campbell continues with these suggestions:

.   Let the healthy people around you know about your journey and the standards you are setting, and work toward having these same elements in your relationships. Your friends and relatives are an important part of your happiness goals, and you must choose carefully who will be joining you on your journey. The right choices will add to your life and theirs.

.   Do not neglect any part of your life. If a task needs to be done, do it, and focus on what you can learn and improve from doing whatever you do. Try not to let any activities become urgent, but rather, focus on what is most important and what is within your control.

.   Develop yourself, manage your time, take responsibility for what you do, be kind, and above all, love yourself.

American self-help guru Tony Robbins has been touting his rules for personal power for a long time, and his philosophy is still worth investigating. These are some of his key principles:

.   Stop “majoring in minor things,” the thought process that gets you caught up in the minutiae of day-to-day matters, instead of looking at the “big picture.”

.   Let go of the past and live in the moment.

.   Depend on your experience to give you good judgment, and know that there is no failure if you can learn from what you do.

.   Accept that making good decisions, practicing the use of your power, and acting will improve your life.

.   Look to successful role models to quicken your journey to success.

In her self-help website and writings, Marlisa Faberge says that the more powerful you can become, the easier it will be to reach your fullest potential. She also suggests you:

.   Work on your “likeability,” because it increases your interpersonal power

.   Become an expert and teach what you know to others

.   Know how to present yourself and create a personal brand

.   Work specifically on raising your position at work, in community groups, or in committees

.   Acquire resources

.   Make your physical presence as attractive as possible by eating healthy foods, being well-groomed, working on being energetic, and carrying yourself in a confident manner

.   Create a personal development plan

.   Acquire all the knowledge and education you can

.   Include acts of altruism in your life

Although based on business success standards, many of Faberge’s ideas can be applied to living powerfully. Her ideas can benefit individuals seeking relevance in their lives and learning all they can to achieve their personal best. Now is the time to power-up, believe in yourself, and make your life matter.

Do not settle for good enough, and always remember that “life is not a dress rehearsal!”