E-Commerce SEO – 5 Simple Ways to Make Your Online Business Easier to Find

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When’s the last time you searched for your e-commerce site on a cookie-free search engine? Investigating how difficult it is for potential customers to find your site online can be a real eye-opening experience.

While a Google search is likely to offer your site’s URL as a potential option (thanks to tracking your web history), a search engine like DuckDuckGo might give you a much clearer picture of your company’s online visibility.

If the search results scare you and you’re ready to boost your SEO efforts, here are five simple improvements you can make to help make your website easier to find:

Review each page of content on your site and ask yourself if the content delivers true value to potential customers. Is it a page of fluff content, stuffed with keywords designed to attract search engine crawlers but not buyers?

There’s no faster way to send customers running in the opposite direction than to offer them content with no redeeming value. Improve the content on each page to ensure visitors don’t immediately bounce away from your site.

Increase your time-on-page ratio by integrating a variety of content formats into your website. Consider everything from GIFs and videos to infographics and photographs. Don’t just offer visitors page after page of text content about your business. Making your site a pleasure to visit will not only improve your SEO but also increase your return visitor rate.

Add fresh updates to your site on a regular basis. Business blogging is fabulous for SEO and it builds your writing chops at the same time. Think about the questions your customers frequently ask, and turn your answers into blog posts.

Check your site navigation to make sure you don’t have dead links or a confusing page structure. Can a customer new to your site easily find their way around, or is it like searching through particles of sand to find the content they seek? If your site is difficult to navigate, buyers will abandon your site rather than dig through multiple web pages just to find what they need.

Double-check the social media links on each of your website’s pages. Are they all properly linked to your Facebook page? Did you change your Twitter handle and forget to update the URL on your site? Ensuring you don’t have broken social media links can help your SEO and improve your social follower count.

Paying attention to small factors can have a big impact on your e-commerce site’s SEO. You can hire an agency to help with major SEO campaigns, but small updates can be handled on your own. Will you be checking the above five factors to make sure your site is as visible on search engines as possible?

E-Commerce SEO – 5 Simple Ways to Make Your Online Business Easier to Find
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