Earn Money Teaching English as a Foreign Language – Online

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English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and a very popular one to learn. Consequently, there’s a global market for teachers of English as a foreign language.

This article draws attention to the business opportunity this presents for fluent English-speakers, with tips for setting up a teaching service via Skype, email and a dedicated website.

Earn Money Teaching English as a Foreign Language – Online

Are you interested in boosting your income? If you’re a native or fluent English speaker, you could earn money by teaching the language to non-speakers via the Internet.

Many millions of people around the world want to learn English and, by teaching online, you can reach them wherever they are. You don’t need to be a qualified teacher to offer basic vocabulary and conversation practice, so you can go right ahead.

Here are some tips for getting started.

Plan a teaching method

If you’re offering basic conversation practice, you’ll find Skype the ideal medium. Facing your student onscreen will feel like meeting up in the same room, helping you both relax and communicate.

With Skype, you’ll also be able to demonstrate how to use your lips and tongue to pronounce the words and guide your student accordingly. You can increase your earnings, too, by holding group Skype sessions, teaching several learners at once.

As embellishments to your service, you could email them preparation sheets and homework tasks for you to mark. Set a topic for each session, with plenty of scope for discussion.

Set up a website

A dedicated website will be useful for promoting your services, presenting your profile and credentials and providing extra services for your students, such as language games and word lists.

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Choose a website type that suits your budget as well as your teaching needs; a basic, free one may be all you need.

Plan for receiving payments

Check out the different arrangements available for receiving payments for online services. PayPal is a universally popular option and would be simple and safe for you and your students to use.

Alternatively, you might prefer to receive direct payments into your bank account. Browse relevant blogs and forums for information and advice before choosing.

You’ll also need to check current rates for lessons similar to yours so that you can set yours accordingly. Ensure full payment is received in advance of each lesson.

Spread the word

Once you’ve made your preparations, advertise your services as broadly and regularly as possible on the social media sites. Surf the net for further ways to spread the word, such as through posts on relevant blogs and sites, and entries in teacher listings.

Email friends, relatives and colleagues who may be interested, and ask them to pass the message on. Notify organizations, associations, and other social groups, in your own country and others, who may be interested.

Universities could prove particularly useful in generating custom, with their tendency for global student intakes, and multinational companies may also serve you well, as your reputation builds. As interest grows, your satisfied customers will spread the word themselves, down the grapevine.


If you are not a qualified teacher of English as a foreign language, you should make this clear to prospective students, in case of any legal repercussions.

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You could just describe yourself as a native or fluent English speaker offering conversation practice or basic language-building. If you have any relevant qualifications, though, present those clearly on your website and adverts.

You might decide later to take a short course in the subject for a more professional service, and then raise your rates accordingly.

Once you’ve got your lessons going, why not learn a language yourself, too? They’re as fun to learn as to teach. Pick the language of a country you’d like to visit, book your trip and learn online as you go. You can teach from the beach if you like!

Earn Money Teaching English as a Foreign Language – Online
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