Eight Effective Marketing Tips for Campgrounds

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Campground owners learn about beneficial online and offline promotion methods when they read this comprehensive article. It discusses events, newsletters, contests, special offers, and social media.

The author also encourages readers to develop partnerships with retailers that sell camping gear or travel trailers

Eight Effective Marketing Tips for Campgrounds

Depending on what estimate you believe, roughly 38 to 77 million Americans embark on camping adventures in an average year. There are more than enough campers to fill every tent and trailer site at your campground.

However, this will only happen if you deliver an enjoyable experience, charge competitive rates and employ the following effective marketing techniques:

1. Focus on the most popular features of your campground when you advertise it. Survey data reveals that customers desire clean bathrooms, free wireless internet access, and child-friendly facilities more than other amenities.

Additionally, be sure to mention features that other nearby campgrounds don’t provide.

2. Create time-sensitive special offers involving multiple products and services. You could supply a $5 camp store gift certificate to anyone who stays overnight. Another option is to give campers a discount on boat rentals.

These bonuses could convince vacationers to choose your campground instead of a competitor.

3. Consider partnering with at least one equipment seller. You can cooperate with outdoor gear, travel trailer or boat retailers.

For example, you could help distribute a store’s pamphlets and supply it with coupons that give campsite discounts to equipment buyers.

4. You may attract more guests by scheduling special events throughout the camping season. Post the details on social media networks, your website, and relevant directories, like Eventbrite.

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You might even receive free media coverage if a local radio host or newspaper editor hears about your plans. Campground event ideas range from farmers’ markets to fireworks and live music.

5. Get involved in a local festival. Think about sponsoring it; your establishment will gain positive publicity that benefits your reputation more than regular advertising.

You could also organize one of the festival’s events. For instance, your business might provide free canoe rides at the town park.

6. Twitter provides a comparatively quick and easy way for campgrounds to start participating in social media. When you set up an account, you’ll only need to upload a logo and provide a few brief details on your business.

Try to post interesting news about camping and outdoor recreation at least once every week.

7. You can gain Twitter followers or email newsletter subscribers by arranging an appealing contest.

For example, people could receive a chance to win a new tent, lantern and cooler when they subscribe. Don’t forget to follow all of the laws that pertain to contests and email marketing.

8. When people inquire about your business via email, ask if they want to subscribe to your monthly newsletter. You can use an email list to tell potential customers about special offers, new amenities, events, and nearby travel destinations.

Other campground newsletter ideas range from exclusive printable coupons to suspenseful stories about outdoor adventures.

These marketing tips could help your campground attract guests who spend more money and return every year.

When you develop lucrative partnerships with related businesses and build a sizable email list or social media following, you won’t need to spend as much money on conventional advertising.

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Eight Effective Marketing Tips for Campgrounds
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