Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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Five Tips for Creating a Successful Blog

If you are considering starting your own blog for personal or business use, there are some things you might want to consider before jumping right in. A blog can be a powerful tool for keeping others up to date on whatever is happening with your life or with your business.

A personal blog can help distant relatives feel like they are a part of your daily life. A business blog can keep customers updated on specials or discounts that your company or service is offering. Below are five tips for creating a successful blog…

1. Be Consistent: So many blogs start off strong with the author posting multiple times per day – only to fizzle out when the author runs out of material or interest. Don’t let this happen to your blog, make a plan to do at least one posting per week and set a side a day and time each week that you will add some quality content to your blog.

You should even put this down in your calendar or schedule book to keep your blog going strong!

2. Use Keywords: If you would like to gain readership and become an expert on a particular blog topic, then you’ll want to use the keywords for that topic frequently in your blog. Let’s say your blog niche is “rockabilly music” – then be sure and use those words often in your blog.

In time, your blog will rank higher in the search engines on the internet and whenever someone searches “rockabilly music” – your blog will appear in the search results.

3. Keep It Organized: Once you have chosen a template or layout for your blog, try and keep everything uniform. In other words, if your primary colors for your blog are brown and green and you have been using those colors all along – don’t suddenly add some bright purple text. When choosing text, pick one style of font and one size for your blog and maintain this for all of your postings. This will make it much easier for your readers.

4. Images Are Everything: Many people are stimulated by visual material and a blog that consists only of text is going to bore your readers and attract little attention. Go online to some of the microstock photography website and purchase a few photos relating to your blog. These photos will instantly help spice up a dreary text-laden blog page!

5. Get Advertisers: Sign up with some of the affiliate networks and pay per click advertising websites. These companies will actually pay you when a visitor clicks on one of the advertisements on your website. The best part is that they will usually only select ads that are relevant to your blog topic. This is a great way to earn some residual income from your blog!

Written by Michael-John Wolfe