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Four Arguments Against Niche Blogging – Debunked 

You’ll occasionally hear some advice that flies right in the face of conventional wisdom. Sometimes it is a brave, revolutionary and paradigm-shifting insight. Other times it’s just completely wrong. Perhaps you’ve read some posts that tell you it’s a good idea to start a general, mulch-topic blog.

This advice falls into the latter category. Here are the main arguments presented by “generalists” against niche blogging, and why they are wrong. 

You’ll get content fatigue 

Generalists claim that if you choose a niche topic, you’ll get “content fatigue,” in other words you’ll run out of things to write about. The cold hard truth is that this has nothing to do with the niche, and everything to do with the blogger. Writing regular, high-quality content on a niche topic is totally possible, it just takes thought, creativity, and research.

The topics exist, you just have to think of them.  

You’ll get bored 

Who says you can’t maintain interest in a niche topic long-term? It is certainly possible to find a magnetizable, low-competition niche in an area that you are passionate about. If you want to write about other topics, you work them in as analogies and metaphors, to add flavor to your posts. Again, this boils down to the creativity and determination of the writer rather than the topic of the blog.

Besides, you could always start a second blog. 

You are the niche 

Some generalists claim that you don’t need a niche topic because you are a unique individual and therefore you are the niche. This is nonsense from many standpoints, but demonetization is the key problem. Say 1,000 people visit your blog because they like you personally. What product do you promote to them? There is no obviously identifiable commonality to their needs and wants.

This makes the blog much harder to monetize. 

You need a focus, not a niche 

You’ll sometimes see people claim that you don’t need a niche, just a focus on your blog. Then they go on to tell you how to find a focus — think about what you’re passionate about, determine the message you want to convey, identify the way you want to help people, and so on.

Then start a blog about that. Are sounds familiar, doesn’t it? This is click-bait, plain and simple — good, old-fashioned niche blogging advice but rebranded with a controversial title. 

Don’t believe the hype 

When people tell you not to start a niche blog, they are often just saying something controversial to get traffic. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a generalist, broad-topic blogs. Unless you care about traffic or monetization, that is.

Then there’s a lot wrong with them. Some have succeeded this way, but they are the exception, not the rule. Stick to a niche for best results.

Four Arguments Against Niche Blogging – Debunked
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