Gambler’s Guide: How to Get a Las Vegas Casino Host

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If you’ve been to Las Vegas, you’re probably familiar with the concept of a casino host. To low rollers, these are the well-dressed people who take care of those with more money to burn.

For high rollers, casino hosts are the open door to a Vegas world that can offer almost anything you can imagine. How do you get signed up for a Las Vegas casino host? Here are five tips to get you going.

Black chip blackjack play

When you go to the blackjack pit, you’ll notice that $100 chips are black. If you’re giving the casino consistent black chip play–betting $100 or more per hand–you may catch the eye of a casino host. Keep in mind that the amount you’ll need to bet varies by the casino. At an off-strip properly like The M Resort, you may get a host by playing $50 per hand. At the fancier Wynn or Encore, you may need to play $200 or more per hand to get a host.

Talk to the pit boss

When you’re gambling at the tables, you may see a well-dressed person who seems to be in charge of everything. That’s the pit boss, and he can help link you up with the right casino host. You’ll have a better chance with this route if you’re kind to the pit boss and treat the dealers well. In some cases, the pit boss will approach you and ask whether you’re playing under a host.

Put in a phone call to casino marketing

Most people who have gone to Vegas return home to find that the casino has sent them marketing materials in the mail. Casinos are notorious for offering free rooms and meals through mailers, giving people a few nights during the week that they can take advantage of.

If you happen to call the number on your mailer, you can ask the marketing department whether your play qualifies for a host.

Know that not every player will be able to get a host. Your play will need to be sufficient to justify the time expense.

Connecting through a friend

Casino hosts are prospectors. They spend their time on people who may bring back value in the future. Like any good business person, a casino host will listen to referrals from people they trust. If one of your friends or business acquaintances has been playing through a casino host for an extended period, their word on your future value may earn you an invitation from the host.

This possibility is particularly the case if your friend happens to play at higher-than-normal levels.

Win big while playing small

The general rule is that casino hosts will decide whether to work with you by your average bet size.

In some cases, though, casino hosts will work with people who have hit a big win while playing small. If you happen to hit the jackpot in slots or go on a crazy run at the roulette table, a casino host may help you out with the rest of your stay.

Beware of this scenario. The explicit goal of the casino host, in that case, is to get you to play more, which might cause you to give back whatever money you’ve won to that point.

Getting linked up with a casino host can significantly enhance your Las Vegas experience. They have the power to hand out free meals, take charges off of your bill, and provide you with the things that make Las Vegas special.

The next time you’re in Sin City, think about these tips if you want to get linked up.