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Generating Leads with an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is an efficient and affordable way to generate new leads and is essential to a business marketing plan.

By investing time and resources into creating unique content for your blog or website, your company is building an automatic lead generation machine that works tirelessly day and night.

Content marketing is a straightforward concept. It is a way to present relevant information about your product or service. Content can take several forms, including articles, videos, e-books, or audio files.

If done correctly, content marketing works by attracting qualified, targeted leads. In other words, that is people who are actually interested in buying from you. Creating content specific to your potential customer’s needs and wants will keep them interested and returning to your website.

The content you post must be informative and entertaining. If it comes across too much like a commercial or “sales-y,” many visitors will likely click off your site. Content should explain how your product or service works to solve a problem without directly trying to sell them something.

More often than not, first-time visitors to your website will not buy. With that in mind, attracting new people with content is worthless if you do not have a practical way to capture your visitor’s information. Instead of trying to get prospects to buy on the first visit, encourage them to leave information such as an email address or phone number in exchange for something free.

A free e-book or some other exclusive information is usually enough. With the leads’ information, you can slowly market to them over time, increasing the likelihood they will buy at some point in the future.

The key to content marketing is consistency. Plan to create new content three to four times per week. Without new information being added on a regular basis, visitors lose interest and forget all about your business.

Content marketing also establishes your business as the authority in your industry. New, informative content creates trust by demonstrating your company’s expertise. Visitors get the sense you know what you are talking about and care enough to solve their problems.

Posting new content is only part of the overall strategy to attract leads. Any new articles or videos on your site need promotion, mainly through social media. Use your company’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to share any new content. If the content is engaging, it will be liked and shared with others, significantly increasing your content’s marketing power.

New content posted frequently also attracts search engines, especially Google. Search engines are programmed to look for websites that stay updated and will rank them better than old, outdated sites. When a lead sees a post on social media, they are likely to search online for your company.

Content marketing helps your company stay relevant with the search engines, often making it easier for future customers to find you.

Content marketing takes time to work. Do not expect a flood of traffic overnight, so patience is crucial to a successful content marketing campaign.  By posting fresh and valuable information, your business will receive a dependable flow of new leads and customers.

Generating Leads with an Effective Content Marketing Strategy
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