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Get More Business by Refocusing Online Marketing on Existing Customers

Small business owners are instructed on how to add or change content on their websites to attract repeat business. Much small business online content is focused on gaining new customers. This article provides specific tips on how to refocus some content to attract repeat business.

The internet has changed the marketing approach of every business type and industry. A website, no longer considered a luxury for a business, is a necessity. Consumers expect not only to be able to shop online but also to find your company online to check out your products and services before they buy. That is true even if they’re local and intend to walk into the business instead of ordering online.

It’s natural that the growing importance of websites has created a focus on using them to generate new leads and new customers. Every business website owner should take a trip through their site to see how much of it focuses on getting new customers versus getting repeat business from old and existing customers.

Many owners will find that there is little content on their site to appeal to old and existing customers and their needs.

SEO and PPC Focus

Search engine optimization and pay-per-click campaigns should work just as hard at attracting repeat business as they do at gaining new customers. That applies to any business type and all products and services. Often the same keywords or phrases are relevant to old and new business, but not always.

Take some time to think about your products and services and how you can attract repeat business online. Create landing pages for these campaigns with special deals for past customers.

Get Referral Business

One of the best advertising for almost every business is word-of-mouth or referrals from existing or past customers. When someone is happy with their previous purchase from your company and tells someone else, you’re probably going to get a new customer.

You could have an offer on your website to provide a “Friends of Customers” discount or special offer for new customers who are referred by a previous customer. You can even extend that discount or offer to the referrer when they make their next purchase.

Use Email for Customer Relationship-Building

If you aren’t getting email addresses or cell numbers for texts from your current customers, try to start a program to do so. If you have mailing addresses, you can mail them announcements, but email is faster and less expensive. When you have their email address, you can announce a special sale only for previous customers who receive the email.

They appreciate the special treatment. Each new customer should see a promotion at the point of sale, where they can sign up for emails announcing your special deals in the future.

Special Sales Hours or Days for Previous Customers

Some businesses are enjoying amazing benefits from special events for existing and past customers. If you’re going to advertise a special sale, how about opening an hour earlier for previous customers. Make it a “Customer Appreciation Sale.”

You can even open the business on a day it’s usually closed, but only for invited previous customers. You can market this online and through email.

None of these ideas are radical or carry high costs in time or money. They are just taking the time to think as much about your past customers as you do about gaining new ones.

Add some website content to ask for their repeat business and referrals and watch your business grow.

Get More Business by Refocusing Online Marketing on Existing Customers
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