Google’s Local 3-Pack: What It Is and How It Can Help Your Business Rank Locally

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Google’s 3-Pack is a powerful, local SEO resource that can help small businesses catch the attention of potential local customers.

However, despite its advantages, many small businesses fail to make the most out of it.

This article explains what the 3 Pack is and lists three key benefits of ranking in it.

Google’s Local 3-Pack: What It Is and How It Can Help Your Business Rank Locally

In an increasingly competitive market, where users are making informed decisions based on convenience and reputation, ranking on the 3-Pack is a quick way to show local customers why your business is the most relevant.

In turn, this will help you get more leads, phone calls, and sales from local customers. However, despite its many advantages, most small businesses fail to target the 3-Pack when optimizing their websites for local SEO.

So, just to spare you from making this mistake, this article lists three reasons why you need to rank on Google’s 3-Pack. But first, you need to understand what the 3-Pack is.

What is Google 3-Pack?

The Local 3-Pack is a box-shaped Search Engine Results Page (SERP) feature which displays a short, 3-item list of businesses relevant to the terms searched.

Businesses featured in the 3-Pack results get to have their NAP information (name, address, phone, etc) and location shown to the user, which significantly increases their visibility over other pages in the SERP.

The 3-Pack is an updated, shorter version of the older 7-Pack.

However, the shorter length of the list means that businesses featured in it get more attention than in the older version, which translates to more phone calls, leads, and new customers.

Local Pack results get the lion’s share of qualified leads since searchers can get all the information they need to purchase a product or service from the businesses listed without having to visit their pages.

Three reasons why you need to rank on Google 3-Pack

1. Google users trust more on 3-Pack businesses than in paid ads

While any company can buy ads on Google, only companies with many positive reviews and a solid reputation can make it to the 3-Pack.

Despite sometimes being positioned above the 3-Pack, paid ads consistently lag behind both the 3-Pack and top 10 organic search results.

According to Search Engine Watch, 68% of users prefer the local 3-Pack, compared to 27% who prefer organic results, and just 10% who said they trusted paid ads.

Using AdWords also has the disadvantage of being expensive, so ranking for highly-searched keywords can cost you as much as $50, yet offer very few clicks in return.

The average click-through rate for AdWords campaigns lies on the 2% range.

By comparison, clicking a business’s link in the 3-Pack takes the user to its Google My Business listing, where they can find all its information (name, phone number, address), and get a wealth of third party reviews that can help them make their decision.

2. Visibility and reviews are becoming more important than websites

Today’s customers are just as interested in a product or service as in what people say about it. According to a survey done by BrightLocal, as many as 88% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase, with 85% of them trusting the opinions of reviewers as much as if they came from a friend.

However, despite the importance that reviews hold for customer-behavior, few companies allow unmoderated third-party reviews on their websites.

This has allowed Google My Business to position itself as the go-to review site, since it allows searchers to get accurate impressions of a product or service, as well as said business’s phone number and address, in the same page.

When reading reviews, users place great attention on the number of reviews, the positive-negative ratio, and the number of stars a company has. Studies show that customers read 2-10 reviews, although some read 20 or more, before making up their mind.

Furthermore, users value companies with a high reputation, so 3-Pack listings with 5-star reviews get 69% of the attention while 4-star reviews get 69% and 3-stars earn 44%.

3. Local users want to get in touch with your business ASAP

Today’s users are less interested in scrolling through your page than they are in contacting your store. According to Google, 76% of users contact a business within 24 of conducting a local search.

Plus, 28% of these searches lead to a purchase.

However, the numbers are higher for the 3-Pack, since people using mobile devices only need to push a click-to-call button to get in touch with the company of their choice. According to

Google study on mobile searches, click-to-call is an essential feature for any business, as 70% of mobile users click-to-call a business directly from Google results rather than visiting the company’s website to get the contact information they need.

Reaching the top of the first SERP is every website owner’s online marketing goal. However, when it comes to local SEO, appearing on the Google 3-Pack is the best way to reap the full benefits of a first-page ranking.

Not only will a 3-Pack presence build brand awareness among local searchers, but it’ll radically increase the number of phone calls, leads, and new customers you get.

So, make sure you build an awesome presence of Google Maps and Google My Business, give VIP treatment to all of your customers, and watch how the positive reviews catapult your business’s visibility to the next level!

Google’s Local 3-Pack: What It Is and How It Can Help Your Business Rank Locally
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