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Guerilla Marketing: An Introduction

Summary this article covers the fundamentals of gorilla marketing. it is written for business owners who have heard of the subject but do not know if it is right for their business. The benefits of gorilla marketing are discussed as are tips for successful implementing it and advice on how to get started.

Guerilla Marketing: An Introduction

Guerilla marketing is a style of advertising that offers maximum results for a minimum cost. It involves surprising consumers, making a powerful impression, and generating social buzz. Although difficult to pull off successfully, it offers what is potentially the highest return on investment. A guerilla marketing campaign is an excellent way to get your company noticed and earn a reputation for being unique, fun, and a notch above the competition. Read on to learn what guerilla marketing can do for your business and how to get started.

What Can Guerilla Marketing Do For Me?
Guerilla marketing has some significant advantages over other styles of marketing:

Save Money
Budgets for guerilla marketing campaigns are smaller than just about any other style of a marketing campaign. They were practically made for small businesses. It requires little more than creativity and the willingness to take small risks.

Boost the Brand
Guerilla marketing has the capacity to really set your company apart from the crowd. A successful campaign can make your brand not just memorable, but buzz-worthy.

Generate Excitement
A successful campaign will have people excited and talking about your company and its products. This will get a lot of people to check your company out just to be part of the conversation.

How Can I Get Started?
Most companies will require the help of experienced guerilla marketing companies to run a good campaign. However, if you have some good, creative people in your marketing division, you might want to save even more by creating one yourself.

Types of Guerilla Marketing
There are a few different kinds of guerilla marketing. At least one of them is bound to be a fit for your business.

Street Marketing
This is an outdoor type of guerilla marketing in which people go out into the street and stage some kind of public performance or another spectacle.

Online Marketing
This kind of guerilla marketing involves establishing a web presence that is funny, subversive, unexpected, and maybe participatory.

Ambient Marketing
This is a passive kind of guerilla marketing in which ads are put in unconventional places. The ads themselves might be unusual and creative, too.

Experiential Marketing
This kind involves immersive experiences which invite consumers to participate in an experience involving the brand.

The goal of all of these types is to surprise people, to give them an experience that they will never forget, one that makes them have to share the experience with friends, family, and online communities.

Guerilla Marketing Tips

Know Where to Find Potential Customers
No marketing campaign can possibly succeed if you don’t market to potential customers. It’s not enough to just send performers out into the street; you have to send them to the kinds of places your potential customers gather.

Be Original
Do not just copy successful examples of guerilla marketing. Looking like you are imitating another brand will make your company look foolish and dishonest.

Be Relevant
A good guerilla marketing campaign can’t just be randomly weird or unexpected. It has to be relevant to people in some way, to fit into the greater social conversation.

Enjoy Taking Risks
Guerilla marketing does involve an element of risk. Trying to be original and surprising could end up making your company look foolish instead if it is handled badly. Also, it is always possible that your marketing strategy will land with a thud, wasting all of your time and effort. Guerilla marketing is an approach for those willing to take a little risk in order to potentially reap great rewards.

The Takeaway
Guerillas marketing has the potential to do your business a lot of good for very little money. It can make a world of difference for small businesses. However, it is not for everyone. Do the research before you get started to make sure that it is a good fit for your company.

Guerilla Marketing: An Introduction
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