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Here’s What You Need to Know About Amazon Search

Google may be the most popular search engine in the world, but Amazon is catching up. In fact, Amazon is already used more often for product searches.

When somebody looks for a product on Amazon, they are ready to buy. This is a fact that sets it apart from other search engines. Google traffic, in contrast, is less valuable. Many marketers make the mistake of focusing exclusively on Google for search engine optimization.

You should pay attention to your Amazon search rank. It’s an important metric that you can work to improve.

Amazon SEO vs. Google SEO

Amazon and Google are completely different beasts when it comes to SEO. To illustrate the difference, look at this list of important Amazon SEO factors:

.   Sales Conversion Rate

.   Amazon Prime Compatibility

.   Diverse Keywords

Google doesn’t value any of these things. It doesn’t matter to them if you buy a product after clicking on one of their links. They focus on repeated keywords and backlinks to determine which websites are valuable.

This is due to the different goals that Google and Amazon are pursuing. Google wants to give people the right information exactly when they need it. Their search algorithm is designed to find the most reputable websites available for any given topic.

Amazon, on the other hand, wants to sell products on their own website. They are focused on collecting the data that makes this task possible. If your product page is complete, with high-quality text and imagery, that’s a great start in Amazon’s eyes.

Conversion Is The Key

The most important factor in your Amazon search rank is your sales conversion rate. This is calculated based on how many of your visitors click the buy button. If you have a high rate of successful sales, your search rank goes up.

If Amazon is focused on selling products, it only makes sense to prioritize the pages that have the best sales rates. Why would they send you traffic if you won’t convert it into a sale? The way to improve your sales conversion number is to filter the traffic that goes to your Amazon product page.

When you link to your page, don’t link directly to Amazon. Instead, build a landing page for your product.  This page should include your sales pitch for the product along with high-quality photos. Make the reader scroll down a little bit before getting to the “buy now” button that sends them to your Amazon product page.

When you use a landing page, you filter out the window shoppers. They can satisfy their curiosity about your product without ever clicking on the Amazon page. Thus, your sales conversion rate for Amazon traffic will skyrocket.

Meta Tags for Amazon

You must complete every available field on the Amazon product page. Your title, description, and bullet points are a good place to start.

Perhaps the least intuitive area of the product page is the category keyword section. Amazon gives you seven boxes for keywords related to your product. You can enter multiple unrelated keywords into each box. Cram as many unique keywords as you can into these boxes.

There’s no bonus for repeating keywords or using different phrasing. You can use the website Sonar to research Amazon keywords for your product.

When users search for products, they can filter out the results based on various criteria. If you leave out any of that information, your product won’t show up in these filtered searches. Make sure that everything from the color to the manufacturer’s number is entered the appropriate box.

Don’t miss a single data point for your product. Amazon wants you to give them all the info you can.

Amazon Prime Is The Future

Jeff Bezos, CEO, and founder of Amazon has stated that he wants their entire catalog to be available on Amazon Prime in the future. In other words, every product on Amazon will need to be available for two-day shipping.

Luckily, Amazon doesn’t expect individual retailers to handle two-day shipping themselves. Instead, you can become a part of the Prime program by sending your inventory to the nearest Amazon warehouse. Over time, increasingly merchants will be moving to this system.

Now is the time to get your products on Amazon Prime. Products on Prime show up higher in the overall Amazon search results, as well as becoming eligible for Amazon’s voice-powered Alexa search. This is an important way to get ahead of the competition.

Invest Your Time Into Amazon

Amazon is already one of the largest companies in the world. As they continue to define the internet retailing landscape, it makes sense to keep up with their search algorithm.

Invest some of your time in Amazon SEO. With every Amazon rank boost you achieve, you’ll sell more products and make more money.

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