How Does a Personal Injury Case Work?

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You might be eligible to collect a generous settlement if you sustained an injury that stemmed from neglect. You could be qualified whether the neglect came from a business establishment, vehicle owner, medical professional, your employer, or some other party.

Reliable personal injury lawyers can help you to collect the funds that you rightly deserve for your injury. You may wonder how long such a process will take if you have a case. Here’s some more information about the steps involved in a case.

Step One: Consultation

The first step that you have to go through before you can secure representation is called the consultation.

It’s a conversation and the first meeting between you and the person who will potentially represent you in the case. You’ll bring all of the documentation that you have that pertains to the case, and you will give an account of what happened to provoke your injury.

If the two of you are a good fit for each other as client and attorney, you can opt to hire him as your defender and collective party. He’ll start working on your case the moment that you give the green light to his services.

Step Two: Negotiations

The time that it takes for a personal injury case to the process can vary. It can take only a couple of weeks, or it can drag out for several months or years. It all depends on your attorney’s skill level and negotiation skills. He’ll first talk to the other party to see if they will be willing to settle out of court.

A large percentage of out-of-court cases work because the other party doesn’t want to look bad in the public eye. Therefore, they may agree to an out-of-court settlement to make things look a little bit better for their image. That will work in your favor because it will put funds in your pocket right away.

If your attorney cannot get the other party to agree to the out-of-court settlement, then you will have to have a full-fledged court battle. All the facts will have to go in front of a judge, and this person will have to decide if the other party neglected you and should pay a settlement.

Step Three: Court Case

Your skilled attorney will present all the evidence that suggests that this other party is responsible for your injury. The evidence may include witness statements, pictures, videos, estimates, medical bills, and so on. If the judge finds that this person is responsible for the injury, he will rule that the other person has to pay a settlement to you.

You may be eligible for additional monies if the judge feels that the neglect was extreme. That extra payment is called punitive damages, and some people refer to it as “pain and suffering” money. It intends to deter the defendant from neglecting another person or party in the future.

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