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How to Brand Your Business With a Great Tagline

Just what is a tagline and why is it so important to the success of your business? A tagline is a one-liner placed after your company name or product name that helps to give it a positive identity and image. Essentially, it’s a brief advertising slogan that’s displayed along with your product name. This clever little one-liner is important for getting a positive message across about your business and it can help you build your brand quickly and effectively An example of an excellent tagline is Nike’s slogan, “Just Do It”. Another good example is Wheaties “Breakfast of Champions”.
How do you go about developing a tagline for your company or product? First, you need to establish what you want to say about your business. What’s the one most important benefit of your company or product? Think in terms of benefits to the customer, not product features. Make a list of the benefits your product offers and choose the best one from the list to serve as the inspiration for your tagline.

Use your most important benefit to brainstorm words that are related to the important features your product offers. You want to free associate here, no censoring of words. There’s plenty of time for that later. Think of as many words as you can that relate to the benefit you’ve identified. Use a thesaurus and dictionary or an online keyword tool to generate even more words. Once you have your comprehensive list, narrow it down to ten or so.

Now, you want to start playing around with the words and word order to come up with something new and creative that describes your product’s benefits. Think of adding some action verbs to the keywords you’ve identified to give your tagline impact. For example, if you’re trying to develop a tagline for an energy tonic, an example might be “Power In a Bottle”. You want to keep your message short and simple so it will be memorable.

You should be able to brainstorm a variety of potential taglines using this technique. Write them down and come back to them the next day. Look at your list with a fresh perspective.. Do any of your taglines really grab you? If it’s a good tagline, you should recognize it right away. Pick the best one and show it to a friend or family member. Ask them what kind of image it forms in their mind? Is it memorable? Does it have impact? If not, it’s time to go right back to the drawing board.

If you find generating ideas to be difficult, take a look at some of the taglines of larger companies as a source for inspiration. Time spent on developing a great tagline will be time well spent as it can greatly enhance your ability to build a brand. Be sure to display your tagline consistently. Include it on your business cards, signature files, ads, flyers, brochures, and anywhere else you mention your business or product name. A tagline can give your business image a real boost, not to mention your sales.