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How to Create an Online Brand for Your Online Business

Large businesses have been realizing the effectiveness of creating a brand for a long time. There is a common misconception about the usefulness of building a brand for a small business. This misconception has been perpetuated by the expensiveness of the marketing used to aid in the building of a brand.

With the Internet, creating a brand for your small business can be done in a relatively inexpensive way.

A brand is something that your customers can identify your business by and tell their friends about. A successful attempt to create a brand will make all your future marketing attempts much easier. A perfect example of a great brand is Band-Aid. Now the Band-Aid brand is synonymous with the product.

Online Applications of Creating a Brand

While brand names used to be associated primarily with brick and mortar companies, they have been adopted by the online community. The most prevalent example of an internet brand name would be Google. You don’t browse the web anymore, you Google it. Your branding efforts probably won’t be nearly as successful as Google’s were, but they will increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Domain Name

The first step to creating a good brand for your online business is to analyze your domain name. A good domain name will help you develop a recognizable brand as well as aid you with search engine optimization. Preferably your domain name should be short, only one or two words, and represent the service you offer.

This will make it easier for your customers to remember and recommend. For instance, Google is a variation of googolplex, which is a one with one hundred zeros following it. This most likely was meant to refer to the myriad of combinations possible with the Google search engine. The result is a clever and catchy name that is recognizable around the world.


No one will learn about your brand name unless you tell them about it. This can be as simple as writing some press releases and articles to distribute around the web. You can also take a more aggressive approach such as starting a pay per click campaign.

PPC campaigns can be done through search engines or even social media networks. If you are feeling extremely ambitious, TV or Magazine ads can bring droves of potential customers to your website.
Deliver what you Promise

Customer service is one of the most important things you can focus on in your business and will help you to develop an effective brand as well. It’s important to remember to focus your advertising campaign on what’s feasible. If you are unable to live up to your marketing claims, don’t make them.

Customers hold grudges for a long time and it can be incredibly difficult to win them back. Whether you have a simple blog or an innovative product, make sure you are able to fulfill your promises.
Avoid Complacency

Once you reach the point where you consider your brand successful, realize that it is not time to stop. You will need to keep working at it to remain at the top of your market. Complacency will only bring collapse, though it may take a while to occur. Keep working at maintaining your brand with the same vigor it took to create it.

A brand name can be the thing that launches an online business to success. Such a small thing as a brand name will create additional buzz for your marketing campaigns. While the process may seem simple enough, creating a good brand can take years to realize. It is important to stay the course and avoid getting discouraged.