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How to Earn Extra Cash with Your Smartphone

This blog post offers insights on how individuals can earn extra income with their smartphone. There are a growing number of companies connecting with workers using cloud technology.

Thanks to smartphone technology, mobile-enabled workers can connect with businesses in need of extra help for everything from mystery shopping to software bug testing. Read on to discover personal finance tips you can share with your smartphone-enabled audience.

Are you constantly using your smartphone? Between checking your emails and sending text messages, are you on your phone 24/7? Why not turn your telephone time into cold, hard cash? There are numerous cloud labour tools that can help you earn income via your smartphone. Check out the following cloud labour resources to discover how to generate revenue with your smartphone.


AppJobber helps businesses connect with freelance workers. Using the AppJobber smartphone app, business owners can hire independent workers to complete tasks like on-site inspections and price comparisons.


Roamler lets users complete random smartphone tasks for businesses. Task options include mystery shopping analysis and display merchandising.

Field Agent

Field Agent lets users generate revenue by completing tasks with their smartphone. From capturing images of in-store displays to completing point-of-purchase surveys, there are numerous ways Field Agent users can earn extra cash with their smartphone.

QA on Request

QA on Request helps to connect freelance quality assurance testers with businesses in need of their services. Smartphone users can be hired to beta test mobile games or interactive apps. Some on-site work is also available via QA on Request.

Which of these micro-task tools will you be using? Do you think using your smartphone to connect with cloud labour networks will boost your yearly income? Mobile technology is transforming the way workers complete tasks.

Freelance mobile-enabled cloud workers are a hot commodity for savvy business owners. Micro-tasks can be completed by freelance workers on an as-needed basis without a business owner ever having to add an additional person to their permanent payroll.

How to Earn Extra Cash with Your Smartphone
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