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How to Get More Affiliates to Join Your Affiliate Program

By K. Ong

Are you frustrated by your middling level of sales and low conversion rates? Why not build a formidable cache of actively working affiliates to ensure a steady income stream?

If you have an affiliate marketing program in place, then you might want to consider the following ways to attract more affiliates.

The simplest way to get more affiliates is to make it easy for them to join and to find your affiliate marketing program. Write a concise sales copy explaining the following:

  1. The ease of joining your affiliate program
  2. The commission and how soon it gets paid
  3. The assistance that you provide to affiliates
  4. Your statement of value (state why they should promote your product instead of your competitors)

Get listed on at least ten affiliate directories. You can also recruit potential affiliates via forums and social media. When recruiting via forums, post on sections and threads where affiliate programs are discussed.

Being viewed as a spammer does not help your credibility as a merchant. Another way to get more visibility is to place ads to drive affiliates to sign up. This method costs a lot of money, so you might want to make it your last option.

Now, if you sell your product via third-party vendors like ClickBank, you might want to make your product attractive to affiliates. Most affiliates balk at promoting a product which they do not think will sell.

In order to address this, increase your gravity score or selling score by buying your product. A few sales can result in a marked increase in your score. Think of this as a long-term investment.

Your affiliate sign-up page must contain a sales pitch and a hook (what’s in it for your potential affiliate).

A hook statement clearly spells out how readily the product sells, why buyers find it better than the competitors, and how much your affiliate earns.

Avoid using too many exclamation marks on your affiliate sign-up page. Dubious claims of online snake oil salesmen are rife with exclamatory statements.

Exaggerated claims written in all caps and peppered with exclamation marks rarely persuade seasoned affiliates. If you cannot write an effective sales copy, then outsource it to a professional.

Prepare free and high-quality marketing tools for your affiliates to use. Upload these marketing tools to a dedicated webpage. Have a range of informative and well-written articles that are designed for blog postings, email marketing newsletters, and submissions to article directories.

You might want to place a note to your affiliates to rewrite the articles before uploading to their blogs or to article directories. This ensures that the articles’ integrity is preserved in the eyes of search engines.

In the same vein, it is also important that you provide a list of relevant keywords for your affiliates to incorporate into their article marketing strategies.

Affiliate marketing tools are not complete without graphics. Have your sidebar graphics, banner ads, and buttons professionally designed. Moreover, provide them to your affiliates in different sizes and formats.

How to Get More Affiliates to Join Your Affiliate Program
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