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How To Get More Convertible Traffic With Long Tail Keywords

Face it. Whether you have a website, blog or retail business you are after convertible traffic. Convertible traffic is what brings the money in. Say what they will but nobody, absolutely nobody, maintains a website or blog just for the heck of it. It’s a ton of work and people want to be compensated for their time. There is nothing wrong with this at all.

However, we live in the information age so the old adage, “worker smarter, not harder” is one to live by. So, we’ve established that just about everyone on the internet wants more convertible traffic. There are a ton of ways to go about getting it but one of the most intelligent ways is to use long tail keywords. By using long tail keywords in your optimization strategy, not only will you have to fight less for the traffic you get, but they will likely be searching for your product or service. This is great news because that means the conversion process has already started before they even land on your site.

Long Tail Keywords

By now we are all pretty familiar with keywords and how they are used to generate traffic. Long tail keywords are short phrases of two to five words which are very specific in a niche. For instance, a keyword may be “cars” but the long tail keyword would be more like “yellow two-door sedans.” Long tail keywords have less search traffic, meaning you won’t be competing with as many others for the traffic. However, the conversion value is much higher because the term is so specific.

Why Long Tail Keywords Are Better

We’ve already established that long tail keywords are more intrinsically valuable because the traffic they bring is more convertible. There is another reason to use long tail keywords. Some markets are just so highly competitive that it can be difficult to rank at all. It’s not because of anything you are doing wrong, other than not using long tail keywords. Some markets, in particular, are just dominated by large companies who have huge marketing budgets. Markets such as travel, food or cosmetics are absolutely dominated by huge corporations who spend most people’s annual salary on an SEO strategy alone. So, what is the answer? You guessed it: long tail keywords. The market dominance and your specific niche within that market will determine how specific your long tail keywords need to be.

Truth be told if you are purely looking at the numbers, you will pull in less traffic with long tail keywords. However, the traffic you do attract will be much closer to the point of purchase so your return on investment will be far greater. A high return on investment is always good, right? Additionally, if you happen to be running a paid search campaign, the cost per click is going to be way lower since there isn’t as much competition. This means you’ll be able to get higher ad rankings on important searches without paying the premium market price. So, this means you’ll be using keywords with less competition, get more convertible traffic at a lower cost and have an incredible return on investment. You’d have to be crazy not to utilize long tail keywords in every campaign.

Don’t Waste Money On Keyword Generators

It isn’t necessary and some of them utilize black hat techniques which can hurt your site. The free tools work just as well and there are plenty of them available. Find a good short-list of long tail keywords for your niche and use different variations of them to help you rank well and pull in the convertible traffic that others are leaving behind.