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How to Improve Sales at Your Call Center

Call centers typically employ a wide variety of different strategies to improve sales. While some are useful and successful, others fail miserably. The key is to get all members of a sales staff on board and engaged with a unified set of clearly defined sales strategies. Here are some of the proven strategies and techniques that increase call center sales:

Social Proof

Commonly overlooked by call center managers and employees is the social proof sales strategy, which provides examples of instances wherein the product offered has helped the customers who purchased it.                                                                              
To execute the social proof sales strategy, call-center representatives should have a short story prepared beforehand that they can seamlessly weave into their phone conversations with potential customers. By providing a real-life example of how the product served a valuable function or made someone’s life better, the salesperson will build a rapport with prospective customers and capture their full attention.

The This technique is incredibly powerful and persuasive and allows potential customers on the other end of the phone to find common ground with past customers whose problems were solved, or their needs and desires met, by the product.

Generate Trust

Salespeople who have the best product on the market at the lowest price will not be able to meet their sales goals unless they can get potential customers to like them and trust them. To become likable and trustworthy, salespeople need to listen closely to what prospective customers say and engage them in a meaningful dialogue.

To show that he is listening, a salesperson should repeat the customer’s words at least once during the conversation. This repetition acts as a key emotional anchor that helps build friendship and trust. Once trust is established, the sales will follow.


Creating the perception of scarcity, or relying on it as fact, can make a sale. Salespeople should be encouraged to emphasize the limited amount of the product available for sale. Scarcity almost always nudges consumer demand upwards. Consumers find joy in owning something that others can’t because of limited production or availability.

Even if the product being pitched isn’t scarce, salespeople should stress that it will only be sold at its current price for a limited amount of time. This gives the consumer the impression that he can take advantage of an opportunity that might not be around for much longer.

Phone Habits

Salespeople who work on the phone need to develop consistently strong phone habits. Representatives must speak slowly and with a solid cadence. They need to focus on clearly enunciating their words so that prospective customers know exactly what is being communicated to them.

Representatives should speak as though someone is attempting to lip-read their words. During a conversation, the sales associate should pause to collect their thoughts, which potential customers will respect because it creates the impression that their thoughts and words are genuine and sincere.

Small Stuff Matters

The so-called “small stuff” matters a great deal.  Everything, from voice cadence to product details, plays a role in swaying a potential customer into one who pays.  When you key in on establishing a rapport with prospects, while minding the minutiae of the conversation, your sales will increase.