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How to Increase Marketing Email Open Rates

Email marketing is a popular way to reach out to potential customers. However, you’re only going to be successful if people open your emails. If you’re sending out thousands of emails and only a few people are opening them, you’re wasting your time and money. To be successful with email marketing, you need to keep your email open rates as high as possible.


The subject line is the first item in this article because it’s the most important part of your entire email marketing campaign. When deciding whether to open an email, the recipient will look at the sender’s name and the subject line.

Therefore, you need to write a subject which will encourage the recipient to open it. You will only have a few characters to make the recipient want to see what’s inside, so it’s important that subject lines are short and to the point.

The Time

You should also think about the type of people on your mailing list. If you are mostly sending emails to business email addresses, you should send them during normal working hours. If most emails are going to private email addresses, you should send them outside of normal working hours. You should also consider where most people on your list are located. This will help you to determine the best time to send emails.

How Often?

You need to find the right balance between sending too many emails and not sending enough. If you send too many, people may become bored and ignore you. If you don’t send emails often enough, they subscribers may forget about you and unsubscribe from your mailing list.

It’s difficult to say how often you should be sending emails because it depends on the people on your list. You can get an idea of how often you should be sending emails by sending a different number each week and looking at the results. Use the data you have available including open rates, click-through rates, and other analytics to make an informed decision about how many emails to send each month.

Offers and Promotions

If you only send promotional material to people, they will soon switch off and stop opening your emails. You should try to send out interesting information which people want to read. If people are interested in your emails, they will open them. You can send promotion material, but don’t only send offers and promotions. Vary the type of emails you send to your subscribers.


Only send high-quality content to your subscribers. If you’re sending video content, make sure it’s well-produced and appeals to your viewers. Similarly, if you’re sending written content, ensure that it’s well-written and free of mistakes. If you send low-quality content to your subscribers, they will soon get bored and unsubscribe.

Don’t Spam

Spam filters have become increasingly complex and can easily detect most spam messages. If your email looks like spam, it may be picked up by spam filters. You should avoid spammy techniques such as excessive capitalization of letters and too many affiliate links.

Separate Interests

If you’re collecting email addresses on a football-related website, it’s likely that subscribers are interested in football. You could then ask subscribers about their favorite football team and separate people into different lists. For example, you could have one list for the Dallas Cowboys and another for the Green Bay Packers. This way, you can send emails which you know will appeal to the people on your list.

Be Personal

When writing emails, make it sound like you’re only writing to the person who is reading your message. You can request the names of subscribers on your opt-in form and use their name throughout the email, including the subject line.

Most email marketing services will allow the use of tags for dynamic content. This means that emails can be directed to the name of the recipient. Instead of writing “Dear Subscriber,” you can use name tags to produce “Dear William” or “Dear James” depending on the name of the subscriber.

Billions of marketing emails are sent every year and businesses will continue to send marketing emails if it remains an effective method to reach out to customers. However, for email marketing campaigns to be successful, emails need to be optimized to improve open rates.

It’s easy to build a mailing list and send out emails, but it takes a lot of practice to be successful in email marketing.


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