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How To Make Click Bait Work For You

Most of you have read some of those crazy titles that you almost must click on. They turn up in your Facebook feed and almost anywhere else. These fantastic titles which generate massive amounts of page views are called clickbait and they typically spread like wildfire.

There are many sites which use clickbait for the sole purpose of generating page views which, in turn, generates ad revenue. For the average Joe, however, clickbait can be used another way. It can be used to generate traffic which, hopefully, generates more conversions for your site.

Why Click Bait Is Different

Clickbait is different in the sense that it is devised specifically to maximize the feed on social media platforms. Most people who make money on the internet have been trained to think SEO and long-form content. The content must be specific, detailed and all-encompassing.

People have been trained that their content should engage readers and keep them on the page long enough to complete the conversion process. Whether it is signing up for a newsletter or ordering a product, the aim of SEO is to get the end user there.

Clickbait does not do any of these things. It is simply there to generate traffic without accounting for SEO. Most click bait articles are shorter, just a few hundred words.

They also utilize a lot of pictures and videos to get the point across. Many are amusing, which works because everyone loves humor. Anyhow, this is how clickbait is different. So, if you’re already following all the rules of SEO, how do you make click bait work for you? Follow a few simple rules.

Use A Compelling, Progressive Template

Think something like travel sites. For example, search for a hotel in New York, New York and one of the top three results is from It is titled “The 10 Best Hotels in New York for 2018.” First, putting the year in the title lets people know that the results are current.

That alone is probably enough to get a bump in traffic. Now search for Houston, Texas, and you will get the same result. Why? It works. The template is compelling because it is directly related to the query, so it appears in the top of the SERPs and it includes the year. This template is easily manipulated for many different strategies.

Keep Title Sizes Short

When utilizing a click bait strategy, it is important to ensure that your title is the right size, so it doesn’t get cut off. People don’t want to guess and when a title gets cut off it leaves a little doubt as to how reliable the content really is.

Shorter titles that play on emotions are clickable. If you are selling a product, then something like “fast, free shipping” is helpful. Try to give visitors what they are looking for.

Use Numbers And Guarantees

Numbers just work in titles. Remember the Expedia example above? The 10 Best Hotels in Blank for 2018 or the Top 3 Ways to Build Wealth are good examples. It gives people a feeling of finding exactly what they are looking for while also telling them a little about the length of the content.

Something that can be completed in three easy steps is probably a shorter read than the top ten of anything. Also, don’t spell out numbers in Clickbaitlick bait or not, everyone loves a guarantee.

Offering a guarantee and adding the year to the title will probably get you measurable traffic. A guarantee lets people know you stand behind your product and it helps build credibility.

So, there you have it. Clickbait can be used for more than just generating ad revenue and it can be used in any industry. Even if you are using it for ad revenue, know you know how to make it work in three simple steps.

Getting More Traffic: How To Make Clickbait Work For You
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