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How to Naturally Remove Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew can ruin the appearance of your home or business and pose a significant health risk. Commercial cleaners use extremely unsafe chemicals, which can also present a significant health risk.

So what should be used then?

This article will discuss a natural, inexpensive cleaner that is perfect for removing mold and mildew without putting anyone in harm’s way. Not only is it cost-effective, but it works just as well as the commercial cleaners.

How To Naturally Remove Mold And Mildew

Making your own natural mold remover is simpler than you may think. All you need is a bottle of white vinegar. Be sure to dilute the vinegar with water, because vinegar is acidic enough to dissolve grout.

The best dilution is one part vinegar and one part water. Put the vinegar and water solution in a spray bottle, shake to mix, and spray on affected areas.

This will remove mold and remove mildew from the grout in your home. You can also add essential oils to give the cleaner a more pleasant smell.

Although this cleaner will kill mold and mildew, it won’t get rid of the stains. All you need is a little elbow grease to get rid of the stains.

Vinegar works as a cleaning solution because it has high acidity. It can cut through built-up lime and rust deposits easily.

Furthermore, using distilled white vinegar (the cheapest vinegar) keeps the mold and mildew from coming back. Because of vinegar’s strong scent and 5% acetic acid content, it’s also a natural deodorizer.

This natural mold remover can do it all. It works well on hard surfaces, but be sure to spot treat a small area first in case your tile and countertops react poorly with the acid in the cleaner.

In comparison to the cost of store-bought cleaners, vinegar is a thrifty choice. One gallon of vinegar can last several months, and you need a lot less to get the job done.

Compare that to the price of a bottle of a commercial brand and the choice becomes clear. Unlike store-bought cleaners, the scent of vinegar goes away as soon as the solution dries, and the fumes don’t make you sick.

Common household cleaners may remove mold and mildew, but the fumes and chemicals in them make are hazardous to anyone’s health.

This natural solution does the same job at a fraction of the price and with no irritating chemicals. However, keep in mind that because of vinegar’s high acidity, it is still dangerous when consumed.

Be sure to keep it out of reach of children and keep it from contact with your eyes and skin. Also, when choosing a spray bottle to hold this natural mold remover, make sure to use a new one rather than reuse a bottle that once held a different product.

How to Naturally Remove Mold and Mildew
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