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How to Own Your Own ATM Machine

It might sound like a dream come true, owning a machine that spits out money on command. But the truth is, you can have your own money machine in the form of an ATM machine. Investing in ATM machines and placing them in high traffic locations is a viable livelihood for persons who are entrepreneurial, have the money to invest in the machines, and the drive to find good locations for them.

The advantages of having your own ATM machines are numerous. It’s a business that doesn’t require employees or a storefront and the start-up costs are relatively low when compared with many retail operations. Plus, you can operate an ATM business while still holding down another Here’s a brief outline of how to own an ATM machine:

Own an ATM machine: Determine how much money you have to invest in your business.

ATM machines can cost anywhere from several thousand dollars up to $6500 dollars each. If you’re not prepared to make this type of investment, don’t be discouraged. You always have the option of leasing your machines on a monthly basis for around $100.00 each. Once you know how much you can afford to spend, get price quotes on ATM machines from sites such as or simply do your own search online for ATM machine suppliers.
Own an ATM machine: Find locations for your machines.

Before taking the step of buying your first ATM machines, you need high traffic locations for placement. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a machine with the intention of locating a site after it arrives. You don’t need an empty ATM machine to store in your garage or basement. Make a list of convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, bars, and large retail stores in your area that get enough daily traffic to support an ATM machine. Approach the owner and ask if he or she would like the benefits of a free ATM machine in his or her store. It’s a win/win situation for both you and the owner. The owner will benefit from their customer having ready access to cash to spend in the store while you’ll benefit from the transaction fees. When possible, it’s best to place ATM machines indoors for safety and security reasons.

Own an ATM machine: Write a business plan.

Don’t skip this step. A plan is essential for being successful in any business. The ATM business is no exception.

Own an ATM machine: Select an ISO

You’ll need the services of an independent sales organization or ISO to process your transactions for you. One organization that can help you find an ISO is the NAAIO (The National Association of ATM ISO’s and Operators) which can be found through a Google search. You’ll want to do your research by interviewing a variety of companies since you’ll generally establish a contract with them for a period of one to several years.

Own an ATM machine: Decide how and when to service your machines

You’ll need to place money in your ATM machines which can be done through your own finances or borrowed from a bank. After a transaction is completed, the funds will usually be deposited back in your bank account within 2 days. You can generally get by with adding enough cash to get you through a 48 hour period. Of course, you’ll be making your money through the transaction fee that’s charged to the customer each time they use your ATM machine. Don’t forget about safety and security. Security is of the utmost importance when servicing machines. If your ATM’s are to be placed in outdoor locations, you may want to consider using the services of an armored guard. You’ll also need a plan for troubleshooting machines should they need repair. This should all be outlined in your business plan.

Once you know how to own an ATM machine, you may feel you need more guidance. You can also enter the ATM business by purchasing an ATM franchise. A franchise can guide you through the process and help you find good locations. The downside is you’ll be paying an ongoing franchise fee which will eat into some of your profits. Be sure to do your research and write a business plan before even considering purchasing your first ATM machine. Now that you know how to own an ATM machine, you can use it as a basis for further research before taking the all-important step of purchasing your new machines.