Friday, May 24, 2019
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How to Promote Your Company Using Pokemon Go

Whether you’re running a large corporation or a small, locally-owned shop, marketing requires ongoing work. There are plenty of traditional ways to market your company. Maybe you’ve run commercials or placed ads in your local newspapers. You might have a website or use social media marketing, but there’s a new, simple way you can promote your company: Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is an app that uses GPS. Users are required to move around their city in order to catch Pokemon and visit Pokestops. Pokestops are random places where users can set up lures to catch more pokemon. They can also collect items like lucky eggs, pokeballs, and potions. If your company has a Pokestop near it, you’re in luck! Marketing to people who walk right by your store will be simple. Even if there isn’t a Pokestop right by your shop, you can promote your business to Pokemon players using these simple steps.

First off, place a sign that welcomes Pokemon users to your store. If you have a Pokestop near your storefront, make sure you note that on the sign. Something as simple as “This is a Pokestop!” can bring new visitors to your store. People will come to your shop in order to get new items for their game. If they feel welcome, they may come inside to browse or shop. If you do not have a Pokestop, you can still welcome players to your store. Place a sign with a Pokeball or picture of a pokemon on it and let players know they’re welcome to come to check out your business. If you do have a Pokestop near your store, consider downloading the game on your phone so you can set up lures at the Pokestop. Players will see the lure on their phone and come over to collect special items.

You can also offer physical incentives to Pokemon Go players. Consider offering a discount or free item to players who do certain in-game activities at your store. For example, if someone evolves a pokemon at your store or catches a specific pokemon, you could give them a coupon or reward. You can require they show you a screenshot to prove they caught the pokemon at your shop. This doesn’t have to be expensive. Something like a free soda can be inexpensive for you to give away but will boost the morale of players and encourage them to come back to your store.

Finally, you can ask players to “check-in” at your store’s Facebook page. They can even share a picture of them catching pokemon at your store. When people check-in at your shop, their friends will see the message. This gives you free advertising as more and more people hear about your business. Again, you should consider posting this request on a sign or picture in your window. Many Pokemon Go players will be happy to check-in on Facebook, but if you want to offer further incentives, consider having a giveaway for people who complete a check-in.

Remember that the most important thing to remember about Pokemon Go is that users just want to have fun. Instead of getting frustrated when people flock to your area and catch pokemon, why not take advantage of it? These simple steps are easy to implement and can make a huge difference in the success of your business.