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How to Sell Hair Accessories to Local Hair Salons

Do you enjoy making jewelry and another body décor? The handmade jewelry market can be very competitive with new jewelry designers entering the market every day. If you want to get a leg up on the competition, why not consider the handmade hair accessory market? Women are always in need of interesting hair accessories to keep their hair in place and add personality to their hairstyle. The other advantage you have when you sell hair accessories is you have an easily targeted market for your handmade creations. The market consists of the local hair salons in your area that are looking for additional profit centers.

What type of hair accessories are easiest to sell to hair salons? Good sellers are decorated hair sticks and forks as well as unusual pony tail holders and beaded combs. These accessories are usually quick and easy to make and if they differ from what’s found at local department stores and other outlets they should sell very quickly in a salon setting.

The best way to test the market for handmade hair accessories in your area is to purchase a few combs or hair sticks from your local craft or bead store and make up some samples. Print out a professional looking price sheet on your computer and make an appointment at local salons to show your merchandise. To sell hair accessories, approach retailers like a professional with a carrying case and a display board to present your handmade items in their most attractive light. Presentation is critical to getting the order. If the salons don’t want to order your hair accessories outright, you may want to offer to sell to them on a consignment basis where you would pay them a certain percentage after each item sells.

Once you have your first order, search the internet for “wholesale hair accessories” and purchase the necessary supplies in larger quantities at the best wholesale prices you can get. If you use beads in your designs, you can also find a variety of wholesale bead resources online. Once you have an order, deliver the goods on time to show you’re a professional and not just an amateur dabbling in hair accessory design.

To expand your business, approach more hair salons and consider setting up a website to display your goods. You can also sell hair accessories in an online gallery such as as well as display your hair accessories at craft shows, festivals, and farmer’s markets. You could even rent space at a local mall on a busy Saturday and demonstrate your hair accessories at a kiosk.

When you sell hair accessories, you have lots of outlets for your creations with less competition than you’ll encounter in the handmade jewelry market. Why not give this fun business idea a try?