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How to Start a Successful House Cleaning Business

Looking for a part-time business with good profit potential that doesn’t require a large initial investment? A house cleaning business can be an ideal startup for those with little money to invest.   Many women start their own housekeeping services because it allows them the freedom to set their own schedule and work part-time hours for the same amount of pay as many full-time jobs. All that is required to start are basic cleaning supplies, a few fliers, and an ad or two in a local paper.                                                                                                                                
Before you begin, it is important to register your new business.  Pick a catchy name that describes your business so that it is apparent to potential customers what you do.   Check availability of your chosen name with your county’s business registration office and then file for your license.  In most areas, the fee for a business license is nominal.

Once you are registered, check local resources for liability insurance.  Insurance is a yearly fee that is typically between 100-200 dollars depending on the amount of coverage you require.  Being insured protects you in the event of liability or loss on the job.  If something is broken or damaged during cleaning you would not be personally responsible for repairs or replacements.

The next step is to place ads in local newspapers and fliers with phone tears on public bulletin boards.  Many grocery stores and community centers have free bulletin boards – take advantage of them. Websites like Craigslist reach many people and allow you to advertise free in your local area.  Business cards can also be purchased inexpensively and are excellent to hand out within your community.  Realtors and apartment managers are excellent prospects since they are often in need of services for empty properties.

The hardest part is getting your first clients, but once you do word of mouth is the best form of advertising for your services.  Be sure that you are very thorough in your work and offer your clients referral incentives to help grow your business.  The bulk of your continued business will come through referrals rather than direct advertising.  Keep your rates competitive with other area cleaning services to secure more clients.

A small website is also beneficial for growing your business.  Place your website address on all your fliers and business cards.  List your business on local yellow page websites and consider placing online advertising on community websites.  A nice-looking website presents a polished and professional image and allows potential clients to get to know you a bit before inviting you into their home.  Explain your philosophy, what makes your services unique and a bit about your pricing structure on your website. Make sure your contact information is easily accessible. This will inspire confidence in potential clients and make them more likely to contact you over other services.

A cleaning business can be rewarding and profitable whether you work part-time or make it your full-time job.  A cleaning business provides shorter work days and flexibility with scheduling which makes it highly desirable for moms who want to spend more time at home with their children.

writer: Christin Snyder
How to Start a Successful House Cleaning Business
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