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How to Target Millennials with Content Marketing

Thanks to modern technology, millennials are savvier than the consumers of the generations before them. Scripted sales calls and aggressive marketing tactics will easily turn them away to the next brand.

They want insightful content that speaks to their own backgrounds, daily challenges, and lifestyles. The brands that can connect with them on a personal level are the ones that receive the tickets to the engagement train. Here are four cornerstones of developing content that results in high engagement from millennials.

1. Know what matters to them

Social identity and personal values are often at the forefront of purchase decisions for millennials. They engage with content that appeals to their beliefs, caters to their desire for success, and fosters atmospheres for culture-shifting discussions. Create content that aims to uncover their opinions about the things that matter to them.

2. Be transparent and honest

Millennials tend to have a radar that easily senses dishonesty, and they typically have no qualms about calling brands out on it. We see this every day on review sites and social media.

When developing the content for your site, think about what messages it communicates about your brand and if it’s in-step with your company’s mission and value statements. Be honest about any shortcomings with products or mistakes that you’ve made. Authenticity goes a long way, and audiences can be more forgiving than you realize.

3. Drill down on exactly who you’re targeting

It’s not enough to say that you’re going to aim your market efforts at millennials. Create specific customer personas to determine exactly which millennials you plan to target. Are employees or small business owners? Where do they live? What specific traits do they have? What pain points will drive them to buy from you?

Establishing detailed customer personas can help you create content that addresses the challenges faced by your target audience.

4. Know how to be a black sheep

Today’s consumers and millennials especially are bombarded with advertisements from brands about every consumable good. What makes your offerings so special? What does your brand do differently than the competition? The internet has created a super-competitive marketplace with relevancy often centering around your most recent contributions to your industry.

And in the words of Janet Jackson, millennials are always asking, “What have you done for me lately?” Consider disruptive and unorthodox marketing tactics to create messaging that sticks out from the rest.

Content marketing is a great device to employ when targeting millennials. And as their spending power increases, it’ll definitely benefit you to find the best ways to engage with them.

How to Target Millennials with Content Marketing
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