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How to Use Evergreen Content in Your Marketing Campaigns

Summary Content that drives a consistent level of targeted traffic over an extended period of time is a cost-effective approach to marketing. An evergreen article that isn’t following a trend or news event won’t go out of fashion, so you can continue promoting it with little input required.

This article looks at evergreen content and how you can use it effectively in your business.

How to Use Evergreen Content in Your Marketing Campaigns

Trends come and go in every niche, gaining some momentum before interest starts to fade. Most industries, though, will also have topics that don’t lose their appeal. These areas of interest are perfect for creating evergreen content that can remain popular long into the future.

If you manage to get enough exposure for this evergreen material, you can expect to get a significant amount of traffic and engagement for an indefinite period.

What Is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is content that can be consumed long into the future. Most articles and videos become popular immediately after the publishing date, but they cannot sustain this interest. Evergreen content will still get views, likes, shares, and backlinks continuously, with new visitors remaining engaged. The material stays fresh, so you can create something once and benefit from it on an ongoing basis.

What Type of Content Is Evergreen?

Different types of content can be considered evergreen. The style of the material might differ, but they share some of the same characteristics that help an article or video to retain interest.


Most tutorials will have an ongoing benefit for your visitors. Almost every niche will have areas where educational content will be useful. For example, explaining how to apply makeup or put up a shelf will always be of interest to certain crowds. Even if some slight amendments are required, the basis of the tutorial will stay the same.


Readers enjoy list posts as they are easy to consume, start interesting conversations, and keep people intrigued. A list could focus on a running order, such as the best movies of the 1980s. Alternatively, the list could be unordered, showcasing several engaging case studies. If something does change in your niche, updating the list should take minimal effort.

FAQ Pages

An FAQ page is perfect for evergreen content as it includes answers to common questions. The page could feature a range of subjects, or you may choose to create single pages for each one. If you are in the fitness industry, for example, you could answer general fitness questions about duration of workouts, most useful routines, and recommended nutrition.

Opinion Pieces

Opinion pieces usually focus on topical subjects, so won’t hold continual appeal. Some issues don’t fall out of fashion, though, making them perfect for evergreen content. If you operate in the dating niche, discussing conversational skills and icebreaker questions will always be of interest, with little chance of radically changing.

Calculators and Apps

Calculators and apps can be used to bring in ongoing traffic, offering a valuable service to users. Weight loss and financial calculators are two examples of tools that can be created once but won’t lose their appeal. Similarly, a straightforward app like a timer can be used to monitor productivity or assist with cooking.

How Can You Use Evergreen Content in Your Campaigns?

Quality material will naturally lead to traffic and backlinks. You can, however, use specific techniques to promote the content and ensure it stands the test of time.

Research Existing Content

Researching existing content will give you an idea of what is currently working. The goal should be to create something better than your competitors, so you become the primary source. You can do a manual search in Google for existing pages, but also use a tool like BuzzSumo to see what content is getting the most social engagement.

Make the Content Accessible

Evergreen content works best when it is accessible to a diverse audience. Making the material too academic will limit the appeal, meaning it won’t receive a consistent level of promotion. Similarly, a very superficial piece of content won’t stand out enough to sustain interest. You can work out how to position the content through audience and competitor research.

Reach Out to Influencers

An initial push can lead to backlinks and shares. Your page can then rank in the search engines, leading to a consistent flow of traffic. Relevant influencers in your niche can help build this interest, with their existing audience likely to enjoy your output. Reaching out to influencers is the first stage in developing relationships that lead to frequent promotions and collaborations.

Developing evergreen content is a strategy that holds long-term appeal. Putting the work in initially can lead to a consistent flow of traffic, with only minor tweaks required to update the post. If there are no significant changes in the industry, there will be little reason to make any alterations to the material.

You can, therefore, focus on creating new posts, while your site becomes recognized as an authority platform. It might take some initial research to find the right topics, but several quality evergreen posts can immediately alter the perception of your brand.

How to Use Evergreen Content in Your Marketing Campaigns
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