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How to Use Golf for Business to Generate Trust and Build Relationships

Golf is the businessperson’s game of choice for several reasons. It’s a good way to make those all-important connections, work out deals, and build lasting relationships. The way a person manages themselves while playing is a clear indication of how they handle other aspects of their lives as well.

This article reveals some ways to help people turn a day of golf into a positive experience that will benefit them in the business world as well.

It’s human nature to want to make a good impression on other people.

For business professionals, one way to make a good impression is to play a round of golf with a group of colleagues or business associates. It’s a great way to generate trust, build relationships, and it can help a person propel their career, despite the fact that it’s considered a leisure activity.

However, to truly reap the rewards of a round of golf, there are some things that every businessperson should keep in mind.

Be on Time

In business, time is money and is not to be squandered. Everyone is taking time out of their busy schedules to meet at the golf course, and the time set is supposed to be convenient for everyone. Take note and show up on time or even a little earlier than everyone else. Showing up late, even for leisure activity such as golf, will not reflect well.

In fact, it will spill over to the boardroom and make others question whether or not they’ve made the right choice in business partners. If there is a legitimate reason for being late, at least have the common courtesy of letting the other golfers know as soon as possible.

Never Cheat

Honesty is the best policy in golf and in business. Trust can be difficult to gain, but it is incredibly easy to lose. If a person will cheat at golf, where else will they cheat or cut corners? Golf is supposed to be fun, relaxing, and not taken too seriously.

Cheaters will be called out and left out the next time. What’s more, cheating out on the golf course will be taken as a sign of how business deals will be handled. The only thing cheating will do is fill others with distrust and make them look elsewhere for a more honest person to do business with.

Don’t Be Too Competitive

Nobody likes a show-off or a braggart. Playing golf with others who aren’t quite as good on the course or who have less experience is no reason to act like a pompous fool. On the other hand, trying to be as good or better than someone else and displaying anger for “messing up” reveals the true inner personality of a person.

Throwing a fit, cursing, and hurling golf clubs gives other players an idea of how someone will handle potentially difficult business situations. Avoid being arrogant or a hot-head and just enjoy the sunshine and fresh air with a positive attitude.

Don’t Make Excuses

It’s okay to be less than great or even a newbie on the golf course. It’s not okay to make that an excuse for being nasty or rude. Instead of being uptight, politely ask fellow golfers for some advice that may help. Asking in a respectful, thoughtful manner won’t come off as needy or weak.

It is actually a sign of maturity and respect. It shows humility as well. It is better to be seen as wise enough to seek answers from smarter, more experienced players. The same holds true in business dealings. Being unsure, inexperienced, or knowledgeable is an opportunity to learn and grow as a human being and a businessperson.

Be Helpful

A golfer who is very good can gain a great deal by offering helpful tips to less experienced players. Be careful not to offer too much help though, as this could come across as arrogant micro-managing. Only offer help when it’s been asked for.

Jumping in with useful comments out of turn will only make the other player feel bad about themselves and possibly ruin any relationship that’s been developed. Also remember that there are always lessons to be learned, even from lesser players. This process is easily translated into business and life in general.

Playing a round of golf with business associates is a great way to make new connections, seal deals and promote trust. A person who conducts themselves professionally and manages their emotions has a better chance of developing healthy, beneficial relationships both on and off the course.

On the other hand, someone who cannot keep their attitude in check, who competes relentlessly, or who cannot accept other’s input won’t get very far. Relax, enjoy the course, practice self-control and keep things light, friendly, and easy and the rewards will be great.

How to Use Golf for Business to Generate Trust and Build Relationships
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