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How to Use Your Smartphone to Significantly Increase Your Business’ Growth Rate this Year

Are you an entrepreneur with a busy schedule? Do you wish there was a way to accomplish more of your business tasks but don’t want to hire an additional staff member to assist with your heavy workload? Good news. Your answer might be as close as your pocket.

Thanks to mobile technology, today’s smartphones can accomplish a myriad of business tasks. No longer just a device for chatting, many smartphones are now equipped with voice recognition software, high definition cameras, and powerful keyboard interfaces.

If you’re a busy business builder with more tasks than time, you can use your smartphone to manage multiple components of your business. Consider using your smartphone for the following five tasks and you just might find you are better able to manage your busy schedule.

Email Marketing

Not every email marketing campaign needs to be processed via a software program like MailChimp or Constant Contact. Business owners can send email snippets from their smartphone to regular clients announcing upcoming inventory offerings or discussing company events. The owner-to-consumer direct emails are personal and help to build a bond that encourages brand loyalty.

Schedule Management

Smartphone schedule management is a must for busy business owners. Add meetings to your schedule with just a few taps on your smartphone. Dictate meeting reminders via the microphone tab on your smartphone’s keyboard. You can even use artificial intelligence assistants like or on your smartphone to manage your upcoming schedule.

Text Marketing

Text marketing/SMS marketing is growing in popularity as a means of increasing customer engagement. When consumers understand they can gain instant access to promotional offerings like free shipping or flash sales, they are more likely to offer their mobile phone number. Business owners can conduct small-scale text marketing campaigns from their smartphone in their spare time (lunch break, day off, etc.).

Social Media Marketing

One of the most effective ways of using your smartphone for business tasks is to engage on social media with potential customers. Take pictures and post them to Facebook, share company updates on Twitter, or post videos of new inventory to Instagram. Once you start using your smartphone as part of your social media management strategy, you’ll realize how much more productive you can be thanks to mobile technology.

Content Marketing

Smartphones are awesome as part of your content marketing strategy too. Use audio dictation on your smartphone to create blog post outlines. Plan your upcoming week’s content outreach calendar via your smartphone calendar. There’s no reason you have to wait until you’re in the office to attend to your content planning. With a smartphone in your pocket (or purse), you can get a jumpstart on your content marketing any day of the week.

Time management is one of the toughest parts of being a business owner. You’ll often find yourself wishing you had more time in your day to manage all the tasks demanding your attention. When you use your smartphone as part of your business management strategy, you make the most of your time regardless of your location. Will you be using your smartphone to help grow your business this year?

How to Use Your Smartphone to Significantly Increase Your Business’ Growth Rate this Year
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