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How to Write for SEO in 2018

Writing search engine optimized content is a constantly evolving process. Creating a website that ranks well with search engines is a difficult and often tedious exercise but it can be achieved by following a few basic principles. These five steps will help you write content that is better optimized and more likely to turn your leads into conversions.

How To Write For SEO In 2018

1. Keywords

Before you start writing, you need to produce a list of keywords to target. Each word should pertain to a shared subject for maximum efficiency. Discuss your goals with your team and curate a list of relevant terms. The words should all be related to the product or service you provide so that you can increase conversion rates.

Break your organization or brand down into its key components and compile a list of words to target. Individual pages can target their own words, to create a list for each separate URL relative to the specific objectives of each page.

2. Searcher intent

Consider the intent of the individual who is searching for the keyword and tailor your content to their needs. If they want information, provide as much detail about the subject as possible. If they want news, make it easy for them to find. Good SEO needs to provide a specific and detailed service for the user.

If you know the likely intentions of a person who uses the keywords you’re targeting, you will be better placed to fulfill their needs. Provide content that users desire and your traffic flow will increase significantly.

3. Layout

The layout of your page can have a huge impact on the success of your SEO efforts. The content needs to be clear and accessible in order to persuade the user to stay on the page. Often, a pen and paper is the simplest way to draft a layout design. Outline where you want each element of the content to be and where to place calls to action and visual aids.

Clarity is always an important factor in the usability of a website and planning the layout on paper beforehand will enable you to easily see any issues from the start. If you consider the intent of the user when planning your layout, they should be able to access the information they primarily desire easily and quickly.

4. Linkability

By combining the research you’ve put into the keywords and searcher intent, you can plan content that is more likely to be shared widely. Links to your content can help it be seen by a wider audience so it’s important that you create something people want to share.

Analyze other viral hits that are relevant to your industry and try to recreate their best elements. Don’t just replicate other successful content completely as you will undoubtedly miss the curve and waste your efforts. Web pages that go viral are normally relevant to current topics and changes in industry-relevant subjects so staying informed is often the key to creating shareable content.

5. Write

When you start writing, disregard your keyword and layout considerations. It may seem counter-intuitive after taking the time to perfect your preparations but good, flowing writing is extremely difficult to produce when you’re forced to consider specific words or phrases.

Write with the freedom to express yourself and the content will benefit greatly. Writing that is written with keywords in mind from the start is often clunky and unnatural.

Once you’ve written some punchy and captivating content, you can then edit it for SEO. Add in your keywords where they’re most appropriate and trim the content to fit your optimized layout. Adding in your SEO considerations afterward allows for the preservation of a natural and organic tone that is much easier to produce when writing freely.

By understanding the process behind good SEO, you can produce effective and efficient content in 2018 and beyond. The thought process is one that can be replicated in many areas of website creation and maintenance to create a great UX. Optimizing your site is crucial to rank highly in search engine results so take the time to perfect your methods and improve your chances of success.