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Ideas for Maternity Photographs

Capturing the beauty of both mother and unborn child in maternity photographs creates a visual reminder of a cherished pregnancy. Tasteful poses, radiant lighting, and a glowing mother-to-be all make for a perfect maternity photo opportunity.

Outdoor Maternity Photo Ideas
Natural light is perhaps one of the best light sources to shoot in as it captures every little detail, down to the twinkle in the eyes of the mother and father-to-be. Depending on the placement of the sun, different effects may be created, and shadows can help to define the growing stomach. Lush, green backgrounds, or those with water help to create a serene and tranquil setting, perfect for pregnancy photographs.

Themed Maternity Photo Ideas
Choosing a specific theme to showcase your pregnancy has many benefits. For example, if you’re showcasing a theme that you and your partner both enjoy, it provides not only a family photo op but also a glimpse into what the two of you enjoy.

This could make for an interesting photograph to look back on over the years. Themed pregnancy photo ideas include taking a photograph in your child’s nursery theme or taking maternity photographs in a seasonal/holiday theme.

Silly Maternity Photo Ideas
Social media sites such as Pinterest allow expecting parents all over the world to share their maternity photographs, which show the fun ways in which they decided to capture their special moment.

Some of these photographs include a woman’s stomach being “pumped with air,” and even a woman’s pregnant belly next to her husband’s “beer belly.” Other silly ideas include painting your stomach like a pumpkin if it’s fall, or like a ball if you’re a sports fan.

Heart-warming Maternity Photo Ideas
Some women choose to remember their moment in more heart-warming ways, such as taking a photograph with a pair of baby shoes atop a pregnant belly.

Tying a ribbon in pink or blue, depending on the sex of the baby, is another sweet idea. Alternatively, you could participate in family photographs, such as your husband laying his head on your stomach, or your children kissing the unborn child.

Taking pregnancy photographs allows a mother and father to relive and cherish their child’s precious time in the womb. Some women refuse photographs as they are uncomfortable in their changing bodies. However, with the right light, the right idea, and a great photographer, maternity photographs can be both beautiful and captivating.