Internet Entrepreneurs – An Easy Life?

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The internet has made some people very rich. The figures reported in the media when some internet properties change hands are remarkable.

Companies which are only a few years old are being acquired for tens of millions of dollars.

Young men and women, not long out of university, are finding themselves with so much wealth that they never need to work again.

Television and the press love this fast-track to riches stories, but for every record-breaking headline, there are hundreds or perhaps thousands of internet entrepreneurs who haven’t quite made it. Just as in the “real” world, there are online companies going under every day.

So are those looking to build an online business wasting their time? Has the internet matured to the stage where there are few opportunities left?

On the contrary. The internet is still young and the potential for growth is enormous. Each year, online sales outstrip the previous years’ figures by astonishing percentages. Tens of millions of Americans still do not have high-speed web access. How much bigger will national online spending be when, as the government plans, fast internet is available to all?

And that’s just the USA. Online business continues to gather pace worldwide. New delivery technologies are emerging. Products like the Amazon Kindle and Apple’s iPad are revolutionizing the way we buy books, magazines, and newspapers. The question is not whether there are enough opportunities left, but which area will provide the next explosion of growth.

If you are looking at going into business for yourself then internet-based ventures like software development, online publishing or affiliate marketing offer profit potential that would make most offline business owners weep! The investment required is generally so small it’s negligible. Most people already have the necessary computer and internet access. Apart from your time, what else is there?

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What’s more, internet entrepreneurs are not all people in their late teens and early twenties. People of all ages are using the web to start new businesses. As software becomes more intelligent it also becomes more transparent. You don’t need to know precisely how the internal combustion engine works to drive a car and it’s the same with computers and the internet.

Nobody can guarantee you will make a million, but never has it been easier for people to start and build their own successful business. Never has there been a better time for someone to take charge of their own destiny.