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Job Seeking Online: 3 Reasons to Send Customized Applications

Online job seeking can be a complicated business these days. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and, in many ways, it does. Outsiders may feel that searching for a job is now easier. It’s certainly true that employers/recruiters are now able to advertise roles to a significant audience in just a few clicks.

However, that also represents part of the problem. There are now too many so-called opportunities advertised and that makes the filtering process extremely difficult for a job seeker. Furthermore, many of the popular websites make it increasingly easy to apply for a role, which encourages a lazy approach that results in a lot of unsuitable applicants for various posts.

The idea of this article is to look at a different approach to the entire system. Instead of applying with generic information all the time. It’s better to create customized applications that focus on the specific job. This way you will show the employer that you fit the ideal candidate that they are seeking. The information that follows aims to discuss the benefits of sending applications in this way.

1. It helps ensure that you only apply for the most suitable roles

The problem with applying for career opportunities in a generic way is you will consider anything that is vaguely related. Some people will suggest that there are big benefits to this because it unearths opportunities that you may not have considered otherwise. However, it also leads to a lot of applications that won’t be well received which can lead to frustration as a job seeker.

If you review job descriptions more carefully, you will only apply for the ones where you feel you’re most suitable. That inevitably means you will be asking for less, but your chance of being selected for an interview increase substantially. It is also a lot easier to keep track of what you have applied for when there are fewer applications.

2. Employers/recruiters appreciate customized applications

The statistics show increasingly high numbers of applications for every role advertised. Job seekers must go through a lot of bad jobs to find the good ones, but employers also have to go through a lot of lazy applications to find the ones that show that bit of effort. Therefore, your customized application has the potential to be fresh and new compared to a lot of the others.

Not only do you hugely increase your chance of being chosen for an interview, but you also will have already made that strong first impression even before being invited for an interview. Sometimes people’s desire for a job can be even more critical than their qualifications. At the very least ensure you work your hardest to secure the interview.

3. You will have already started some of your preparation work for the interview

If you send in a quick application and have only briefly looked at the job description, then you will not remember much about the job if you get called for an interview. However, if you have been through the job description in detail and written a customized application, then the situation will be different.

Using this approach, you will have already started some of your preparation for the interview. When you then go back to prepare further, you will instantly recall a lot of things about the job and what the role entails. The fact that you have tailored yourself to the position means you have envisioned yourself in that situation.

If you do the rest of your preparation as thoroughly, then it’s quite likely you won’t be caught out by any questions in the interview.

Online job hunting can be a complicated process, and there is typically a lot of information to work through. However, resist the temptation to send generic applications to make your life easier.

Although, it takes more time as this article has demonstrated there are a lot of benefits to producing customized applications.