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Maintaining a Positive Online Reputation as Your Business Expands

The influence of the internet has also changed how consumers evaluate businesses and products. People can write anything about a company online, and it becomes a basis for other users to determine with whom they do business. A review can either be an endorsement or a disadvantage.

It is essential to monitor and supplement your reputation online. The more positive content surrounding your brand, the better your business will succeed. Here are ways to maintain a positive online reputation.

Set Up Relevant Online Profiles

There are numerous review websites that many consumers use as their go-to place for gaining information on a business. To start building your reputation, create listings on these websites or claim profiles that consumers have created. By setting your business up on as many of these sites as possible, you strengthen your chance of getting reviews in the right places.

Ask Your Customers What They Want

Many businesses underestimate the value of asking questions, and the practice is not as simple as it seems. Your business can stand out when you know and understand the needs of your customers. You can send out surveys, post a question on your social media pages, or send a newsletter.

Take Quick Initiative

People who are inclined to write a business review will probably do so for yours after having had an experience with your company. Check your review listings occasionally for the transactions or services you perform. If someone had a pleasant experience with your business, it does not hurt to ask them to post a review online.

Follow-Up After Good Experiences

Happy customers will likely be in a mood to leave positive reviews for your business, but this may not happen as frequently as you think. By following up with these customers and letting them know that you are still thinking of them, they will have a better chance of posting a positive review of your business.

You can hand them a postcard that has a link to your Yelp or Google business page. You do not have to be invasive about this, but casually leave them some good thoughts.

Highlight Some Positive Feedback

Some reviews are so valuable to your business that they can be worth highlighting on your website, social media, or other presence. Instead of leaving them where not many people can see them, try sharing some of your best reviews in more visible public spaces. These reviews can contribute to driving more customers towards your business, as they will likely want to see what warrants the good feedback.

Be Active in Responding to Reviews

Customers who take a few moments to write a review about your business will also appreciate that you are following up with them. Merely thanking them for their consideration shows how much you value your customers’ input. When other users see that the business is actively engaging with their customer, they are going to join in with their feedback as well.

Be a Consistently Good Service Provider

Despite all the tips and tricks, your best bet to ensure positive online responses is to commit to high-quality service every day. By incorporating a system of consistent customer service, your business has a good chance of generating useful online feedback from your customers. When customers build up your business, it also attracts others to see what all the fuss is about and try out your offering.

The advantages of online reviews mean success can come more easily for your business. However, negative feedback can hurt if you do not have the proper management systems in place. Consider these practices as you grow your online presence and develop strategies to improve your public reputation.

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