Saturday, August 24, 2019
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Monitoring Employees’ Productivity

In these tough economic times, a company must do all it can to watch its bottom line.  There are no shortcuts, no easy answers, and no guaranteed revenue streams.  Keeping an eye on every expenditure and every employee’s production is the key. 

Knowing that a company’s employees are making the most of every moment they are on the clock can keep a company’s staff costs under control.    With most employees having a computer on their desk with internet access easily available, the temptation to take some time away from work and do a little surfing is strong. 

Especially for employees who use the internet legitimately at work, it is very easy to take too much personal time on the internet.  Monitoring employees’ at-work behavior is a way to ensure that time isn’t wasted and their productivity is where it should be.

After being installed on the computers in an office, Activtrak will produce many different reports and information.  There are ways to monitor the activities of the employees in real-time as well as getting a historical report on each computer. 

Activtrak can be configured with alarms that can be activated when certain websites or types of websites are accessed.  And it is also possible to block access to websites or classes of websites.  For example, it may be necessary for an employee to have access to the internet to do their job, but with Activtrak you find that an employee is accessing Facebook throughout the day. 

It is possible to block this website and others like it so that the employee is still able to perform his or her duties by using the internet, but they are not allowed to waste time on social networking sites.  Activtrak can be installed on employees’ computers without their knowledge. 

There will be no way for the employee to know that their computer is being tracked or to be able to tell in real-time that they are leaving a trail of their surfing history.  The system can be set up so that only certain network administrators have the ability to look at the data that is produced.  It is also possible for Activtrak to track the amount of time that is being spent on a file or group of files being worked on by an employee.  This is valuable for ascertaining how much time a project is actually taking. 

This information is critical for planning and budgeting staff and resources.

One of the most important benefits of using the Activetrak system is holding employees accountable for the time they spend on their computers.  This is vital for any company that is watching its bottom line and tracking its resources.  It is also a good tool when employees know that they can be tracked at any time. 

Simply knowing there is a possibility of them being watched can keep an employee doing the right thing.  All employees need a little help doing the right thing occasionally and Activtrak provides the perfect avenue for encouraging good behavior.